8 Things Women Are Misled to Believe All Men Are Into

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I had aspired to experience a deep-throat blow job for a long time—probably since I first saw it happen when I was clandestinely watching pornography on my parents’ Gateway computer when I was like 13 years old.

But then I got one. There was a lot of gagging, and it quickly became apparent to me that it wasn’t a lot of fun for this particular woman. And call me progressive, but I prefer when the lady I'm with is just as into our fooling around as I am. Since then, I’ve been more than happy (over the f*cking moon, to be honest) to get stick with mutually enjoyable blow jobs.

I asked some other dudes to tell me about things they’ve had women assume they were into, but that they either dislike or are completely apathetic about. Click through to find out what they had to say.

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Landing Strips

“I’d been gone for a long time on a business trip, and when I came home, my girlfriend jumped me. She had apparently wanted to do something special for me because when she got her thong off, she revealed a freshly groomed landing strip. I appreciated the gesture, but it didn’t really do much for me. I don’t need a landing strip. I already know where I’m landing.” —Glenn D.

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Butt Action

“I was getting a blow job once, and the girl started going down to the taint and the butthole. With her tongue. I actually stopped her and said she didn’t have to do that, and she replied with something about how she’d read somewhere that butt stuff was really in and guys and girls were both embracing it. Maybe some guys like that stuff—they have to, or else she wouldn’t have read about it somewhere, right? But it’s not something I’m all that eager about.” —Alex W.

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Porn Star Speak

“This girl started talking like a porn star—and like a really nasty one, too. Saying things to me like, 'Yeah, you really like this f**king p**sy don’t’ you? Yeah, you wanna pound it, don’t you?” I wasn’t that into it. Especially because all of the stuff she was saying was in question form. I guess it might have been rhetorical, but I still don’t want to spend a lot of time during sex answering strange, aggressive questions.” —Frank R.

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“A few times, a girl I had been hooking up with for a while tried to make me take control and dominate her. At first, I didn’t do it, but then I figured it was something she wanted, so I tried being a little bit dominant. I felt uncomfortable with it, and when I told her this, she said she was only doing it because she thought it was something I would really like. We still hook up, and we communicate better about what we want and don’t want.” —Judd A.

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Fancy Underthings

“To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of lingerie. I don’t dislike it, but I don’t froth at the mouth and lose my sh*t whenever a woman is wearing it. Any type of clothing is just an obstacle to full nudity.” —David B.

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Tandem Porn-Viewing Sessions

“My wife asked if I wanted to watch porn together to get us in the mood. I declined. My wife wanting to have sex with me is almost always enough on its own to get me in the mood, and any relationship I’ve had and still had with pornography is something I’d prefer to keep solo. When I’m watching porn, I’m kind of putting myself into the male character, so watching it with my wife right next to me would be uncomfortable.” —Brian V.

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Cuddling and Hand-Holding in Public

“I’m not a big PDA person at all. My current girlfriend was pretty into it, and she told me she thought it’d turn me on to have friends and strangers see how hot she was for me. But it makes me uncomfortable, mostly because I feel like it makes those around me uncomfortable.” —Luke B.

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