8 Makeup Brushes Every Woman Should Own

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When it comes to the world of makeup brushes, it's easy to feel a little lost. It can feel like every brush is essential to your makeup success—but they can be expensive! So we asked Los Angeles-based makeup artist Kimberley Bosso to make it easy for you. Behold: The eight makeup brushes she thinks every woman should have in her kit.

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Crease Brush

This brush leads a double life: The fluffy bristled savior can be used to apply shadow to the crease and to blend it out. "I tell my students to get two so they always have one on-hand," says Bosso. Try the (1) Bosso Crease Brush ($25, bossomakeup.com) or the (2) NARS Blending Shadow Brush ($32, NARS).

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Domed Shadow Brush

We're talking F.Y.E.O. on this one: for your eyes only. Bosso loves this brush for packing shadow on the lid for maximum pigmentation. "It's a firmly packed brush that picks up lots of pigment," she says. Try the (1) Real Techniques Shading Brush ($5.99, Ulta) or the (2) Bosso Shadow Dome Brush ($25, bossomakeup.com).

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Smudge Brush

This brush is an absolute make-or-break for smoky eyes. Bosso loves to use this brush's short, rounded bristles to smoke out eyeliner around the lash line, leading to the ultimate sultry effect. Try the (1) Sonia Kashuk Core Tools Smudge Brush ($4.99, Target) or the (2) M.A.C. Cosmetics 215 Short Shader Brush ($25, M.A.C.).

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Double-Ended Eyebrow Brush

You'll have everyone complimenting your eyebrow game with this one. The baby features two brushes for the price of one: a spoolie to comb out your brows, and a brush to fill them in with a powder or gel. "It's genius," says Bosso. Try the (1) Bosso Duo Eyebrow/Spoolie Brush ($20, bossomakeup.com), or the (2) Make Up Forever Double Ended Eyebrow Brush ($28, Sephora).

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Angled Cheek Brush

This brush multitasks with the best of them, with an angle suited for contouring the cheekbones and applying blush to the apples of your cheeks. "You don't need to have a specific blush brush with this one," says Bosso. "The angle makes it double." Try the (1) BH Cosmetics Small Angled Blush Brush ($5.56, bhcosmetics.com), or the (2) Bosso Angled Counter/Blush Brush ($29, bossomakeup.com).

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Skinny Eyeliner Brush

Getting a super-fine line with a gel eyeliner can feel next to impossible with the angled brushes often sold alongside them. Bosso recommends tossing those to the side and trying a thin, pointed eyeliner brush. "It's skinny as can be so you can tuck it in really tight," says Bosso. Try the (1) Inglot Makeup Brush 23T ($9, Inglot.com) or the (2) Bosso Eyeliner Brush ($20, bossomakeup.com).

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Pointed Foundation Brush

This is a standard foundation brush…with a twist. It takes the densely packed bristles of your favorite foundation brush and tapers them into a point. Bosso recommends this brush because not only does it apply liquid foundations flawlessly, it gets into hard-to-reach corners around your eyes and nose. Try the (1) Sonia Kashuk Core Tools Synthetic Pointed Foundation Brush ($12.99, Target) or the (2) Bosso Pointed Foundation Brush ($42, bossomakeup.com)

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Precision Lip Brush

Bosso swears you'll love this brush way more than your standard square lip brush. "You can draw the cupid's bow and get a really nice point with this one," she says. The small head makes it crazy-easy to fill in the thinnest of lips. Try (1) Bosso Precision Lip Brush ($20, bossomakeup.com) or (2) Pixi Lip Brush ($10, pixibeauty.com).

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