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11 months ago
7 ways to breakup with your smartphone every day

Do you find yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed or checking out the Whatsapp statuses hundred times a day? If yes, you badly need to break up with your cell phone because your smartphone is affecting your health and emotional well being. If you cannot stop your hands from reaching the cell phone, these tips will help you break the smartphone addiction today.

1. Turn off notifications
Pretty much every app you have on your phone sends you notifications from time to time. While staying informed is great, getting notifications every now and then can be distracting. If you use an Android phone, you have the option of turning off your notifications. If you’re using an iPhone, you can look at the Notifications tab under Settings and see just how many apps you’ve enabled to send you to push notifications and turn each one of them off. Here are 5 signs you are addicted to a smartphone. 

2. Take social media breaks
Unless you are running a blog and have the need to update, try not to post anything on your social media pages for some time. Take a vow that you will not post anything on social media during that time. If you have been addicted to social media, you might feel cut off at first, but you will soon get used to living without the likes and comments.

3. Delete the social media apps
If you lack self-control, go ahead and delete the social media apps from your phone. This way you will only need to check Facebook and other social networks when you have access to a PC or laptop. That way you can avoid mindlessly opening the apples and scrolling through the feeds late at night or while sitting on the pot.

4. Carry a book or a magazine with you
The best way to break up with your phone is to carry a magazine with you when you are travelling or when you are bored waiting in the queue. This way you will always have something to look at which is not your phone. Here are 6 ways your smartphone is putting your life at risk. 

5. Keep your smartphone out of the bedroom
You definitely do not need your phone to be your alarm clock. Keep your phone in the other room before you go to bed so that you do not have easy access to it while you hit the sack. It is not only going to help you fall asleep faster but it will also give you a chance to be all by yourself when you wake up in the morning. Try to put the phone away at least an hour before you go to bed.

6. Keep your phone away from your dinner table
Also, do not get your smartphone to your dinner table. Yes, it is bad manners but you also do not get a chance to connect with the people who are dining with you.

7. Stash your phone in your desk drawer
Also, when you are at work, try to put your phone in your desk drawer so that you are not tempted to see who has texted you every now and then. Make a conscious decision only to check your phone during your lunch break.

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