7 Women Share Their Cringe-Worthy Masturbation Fails

One of the best things about solo sex is that there's no pressure. You can be as weird or creative as you want—with no one to please but yourself.

But sometimes all it takes is a freak accident, a nosy family member, or an unexpected bodily function to ruin all your fun. These ladies explain the times things got weird when they double-clicked their mouse.

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masturbation fails
1/7 Alyssa Zolna

"Desperate to get my rocks off, I once masturbated at my bestie's using the top of a perfume bottle, and it broke. There was blood. I wrapped the evidence in a towel, hid it in my purse, and pretended that I had my period for the rest of my visit." —Cassandra B.

masturbation fails
2/7 Alyssa Zolna

"I was using a bathtub Jacuzzi jet on my clit when my older sister walked in to drop a deuce. Talk about a buzz kill." —Alex M.

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masturbation fails
3/7 Alyssa Zolna

"I started doing kegels in the middle of a really boring psych class and realized I was about to have an orgasm. I went for it, like any grown-ass single woman would do. But I didn't realize that the post-O convulsions would be so noticeable. I pretended that I shuddered because I was cold, but there's no way anyone believed me." —Sam R.

masturbation fails
4/7 Alyssa Zolna

"I was at this huge college party where we eventually just passed out wherever we could find a comfortable spot. I ended up sharing an air mattress with this super hot guy and was all hot and bothered about it. After he fell asleep, I quietly fingered myself under the blanket—only the orgasm was so explosive that I let out the loudest fart and woke him up." —Lesley H.

masturbation fails
5/7 Alyssa Zolna

"A co-worker had a bunch of us over for her birthday. Her apartment's really small, so I ended up sitting on the arm of her couch, and unintentionally activated my lady bits. As everyone was talking and laughing, I subtly started humping her couch. It was the best orgasm I'd had in a while, and I was super proud that no one noticed. You know, until I stood up and noticed a stain on the back of my skirt." —Becky D.

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masturbation fails
6/7 Alyssa Zolna

"My roommate barged into my room when I was mid-act, and I was so flustered that I got tangled up in the blanket and couldn't figure out how to turn off my vibrator. I tried to talk really loud to mask the buzzing noise." —Kay M. (Find fun sex toys to spice up your solo time at the Women's Health Boutique.)

masturbation fails
7/7 Alyssa Zolna

"I hate to fly, so to calm my nerves, I decided to get off in the airplane bathroom. I tried my best to muffle the sounds, but based on the look an old lady gave me as I exited, I didn't do a very good job." —Jennifer H.

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