7 Reasons Short Guys Rock

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Men under 5'9" have just a 1.2 percent chance of getting contacted by a Manhattan or Bronx woman online, according to a new study from AYI.com and reported on by the New York Post. With Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens women, that goes up to a whopping 2.4 percent, 4.1 percent, and 5.4 percent, respectively. OK, obviousness alert: If you put search restrictions on your dudes, you could seriously miss out on a great one! Need proof? Oh, we have lots of that…

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We got it bad for the singer—all reportedly 5'7" of him.

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Josh Hutcherson

Word on the street is that this actor is just 5'6"—and he’s also hilarious, talented, and besties with J-Law. Who wouldn't want to date him?  

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Michael J. Fox

We've been charmed by this talent, who's reportedly 5'4", all the way Back to the Future.

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Tom Cruise

Look to Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman (and then, well, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) as proof that a taller woman can be with a 5'7" guy. Sure, their relationship didn't work out, but they looked fantastic.

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Aziz Ansari

We dare someone to come forth and say she wouldn't have fun dating this hi-larious Parks and Rec actor, who's said to be 5'6".

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Robert Downey Jr.

Whether he's playing Sherlock Holmes or Iron Man, this star, who some say clocks in around 5'8" (reports vary), is so suave.

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Mark Wahlberg

Reports put Marky Mark at 5'8"—not that it stops him from giving off some seriously "good vibrations."

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