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7 Outfits That Will TOTALLY Zen You Out

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Meditate on this: the colors, textures, and clothing styles you wear can significantly impact your mood. So why not dress to de-stress? The breezy items here—all in a Zen palette—will deliver the calming benefits of a spa day. Ahhh...

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Freedom Reigns

Loose silhouettes that skim the body rather than bind it free you—mentally and physically.

Stella McCartney dress, $1,790, 212-627-1583; Yellow Box sandals, $49,; Pascale Monvoisin arrow necklace, $275, at Milk, 323-951-0330; Diane Cotton tassel necklace, $280,; From St Xavier cuff, $45,; Alexis Bittar ring, $125,

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Keep-Calm Colors

According to feng shui principles, the right color pairing can balance you out. The combination of beige and white in particular, says feng shui master Pun-Yin, can "release tension while stabilizing fluctuating mood."

Osklen vest, $697, 212-219-8250; Anna Kosturova bikini, $140,; Sportmax pants, $765, 212-674-1817; Me&Ro earrings, $400,; Gold & Gray tassel bracelets, $26 each,; Joseph Brooks Jewelry bone-bead bracelet, $105,; Dharma Shop rosewood bracelets, $24 each,

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Silk: It Does A Body Good

The textile of choice for everything intrinsically comforting—from pajamas to bedsheets—silk is equally breathable and temperature-regulating during waking hours.

Son Jung Wan silk dress, $1,850,; Ancient Greek Sandals sandals, $240,; Pascale Monvoisin necklace, $275, at Milk, 323-951-0330

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Zen Mastery

Buddhists use strings of beads called malas to count how many times they've repeated a chant. During your own meditation, try it with beaded jewelry.

Avelon jacket, $555,; Wilfred for Aritzia top, $120,; Anna Kosturova shorts, $135,; Max Mara scarf, $275, 212-879-6100; Diane Cotton bead necklace, $250,; Blank Verse Jewelry tassel necklace, $140,; Dharma Shop bracelets, $25 and $32,

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White Space

White cotton may seem basic, but some believe it's a powerful tension tamer. "When you wear white cotton clothing from top to bottom, you can increase your aura up to three times," wrote famous kundalini yogi Bhajan—and people with a strong aura remain steady, no matter what's thrown their way.

Skin cotton terry dress, $275,; Me&Ro lotus necklace,; Blank Verse Jewelry chevron necklace, $75,; Joseph Brooks Jewelry jasper bracelets, $110 each,; Alexis Bittar woven bracelet, $280,

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Breathe Easy

Styles with built-in ventilation (like mesh, lace, or open knits) help you release steam, literally and figuratively.

Risto jacket, $525,; H&M bralette, $25, and bikini bottom, $13,; Scosha brass necklace, $170,; Gold & Gray arrowhead necklace, $690,; Raven + Lily cuff, $28,

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Moody Blues

"A placid blue sky is perceived as a constant; it's dependable. So the color itself brings instant serenity," says Leatrice Eiseman of the Pantone Color Institute.

Tess Giberson jumpsuit, $1,200, 212-226-1932 by special order; Sol Sana sandals, $85,; Bajra scarf, $595,; Raven + Lily necklace, $22,; Me&Ro bracelet,

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