7 Men 'Fess Up to the Crazy Things They've Done When They Were Jealous

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Men are jealous and possessive creatures. I think it’s in our nature, maybe. And sometimes (okay, a lot of the times), our jealousy gets the best of us. The Green-Monster urges us to do some sketchy things we know we shouldn’t do, but we’re essentially powerless to stop ourselves and so we do them anyway.

We get jealous about a lot of things, but female-related things are generally paramount on the list—and women tend to be the jealousy inducers that make us really go overboard with our actions...as these dudes who anonymously shared the most over-the-top thing they’ve ever done out of jealousy can attest to.

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“My girlfriend’s best friend is a guy, and I’ve never done well with that whole dynamic. There was a time when she was spending a lot of time with him, and I got jealous. So one night when she was supposed to go out for drinks with him after work, I showed up at her office and waited across the street for her to come out. When she did, I followed her—like, tailed her in my car and the whole nine yards. I wanted to see how they interacted and if he would flirt with her. They were together for about an hour and a half, and I watched the entire time from a place across the street. It was pretty creepy, I admit. Nothing remotely sexual happened. He actually cried. I found out later he was going through a really rough breakup. She still has no idea I did this. I think.”

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“A girl I had only seen a few times called things off with me. I liked her a lot more than she liked me, and even though we were never even exclusive, I still couldn’t stand the thought of her being with another guy. I found out that she’d signed into her Gmail on my laptop the last time she was over at my house and hadn’t signed out. I read pretty much all of her e-mails and Gchats for the next couple of months. I even downloaded a new browser for my own account so that I could log into it and she wouldn’t be signed out. It was really unhealthy, according to the one friend I told about it, who happened to be right and who signed her off when he was visiting me one day. I was pissed at him when he did it, too. God, I was in a bad space back then.”

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“I was drunk at my girlfriend’s office holiday party. Like, really drunk. Way too drunk. I saw her hugging a guy I knew she worked closely and often with, and I didn’t like it. IF ANYBODY WAS GONNA BE HUGGING MY GIRLFRIEND, IT WAS GONNA BE ME! I walked up to them and started hanging all over my girlfriend, like I was showing how much I was into her and she was into me. Except I was so drunk that I was just sloppily trying to kiss her and slur about how much I loved her. It embarrassed her in front of her coworkers. I also was embarrassed, but not until the next morning when she recapped my behavior. Turned out that guy was hugging her because she’d gotten him a really thoughtful Secret Santa gift, not because he wanted to bone her—though I’m sure he did because my girlfriend is a fox.”

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“My ex said she’d been spending a lot of time at work, and she was coming home late a lot, so naturally instead of trusting her I wigged out a little bit and assumed she was cheating on me. One night while she was in the shower, I checked her phone. It’s really not as hard as you’d think to watch someone type in their passcode. I found absolutely nothing incriminating, and I felt absolutely terrible about it afterward. I never told her what I did, and I tell myself I’d never do it again, but I’m not sure.”

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“This woman was very up-front with me about how she had also been seeing another guy. I acted cool about it but was pretty jealous. I kept thinking that any time she wasn’t with me, she was probably with him, and so I started texting and calling her to ask what she was up to way too much. One time I got drunk and texted her 18 consecutive times without a response. I wonder if she’s still with that other guy today.”

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“I worked with a woman I was very into, and she told me one day that she was into another one of our coworkers. I got so jealous of this dude that I told her he was engaged, even though he most definitely wasn’t. I never got her. She found out eventually. I work somewhere else now. We don’t talk.”

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“A girl I had been with for a few months was really close with a guy friend. I was totally fine with it until one day, probably four months or so after we started to get pretty serious, she told me they used to date. This changed my entire opinion of the friendship, and I started to think there was still something there. She told me she was hesitant to tell me because she didn't want me to think this, but I couldn't get past it. I ultimately demanded that she cut ties with him. I didn't want them talking or messaging or anything. She refused, and we broke up for a little bit over it. I then realized what an *sshole I had been and begged her to take me back. Thankfully, she did. But she still messes with me about it today.”

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