7 Key Must-Knows to Dating an Entrepreneur

Here are some common personality traits in entrepreneurs that you should know when you are dating one

Have you fallen in love with an entrepreneur?  That’s understandable.  These are high-energy, goal-oriented, intelligent and driven partners.  That’s attractive to be around, isn’t it?  But before you get too deep into the relationship, there are some personality traits that are common to all entrepreneurs that you should be aware of.  If you don’t think you could embrace the traits that make your love interest who he is, it is better to know this before you commit fully to the relationship.

1.You won’t be a priority in his life until he has realized his dream 

An entrepreneur lives, breathes, drinks and dreams his business.  It will always occupy prime real estate in his mind.  That does not mean you are not important to him.  But he will always prioritize the phone calls, emails, texts, and real-life meetings before his love life.  If you cannot stand having a boyfriend who is glancing at his phone every 2 seconds, even during a romantic dinner or (the worst!) love-making, dating an entrepreneur is not for you.

2. You need stability, he needs excitement

Entrepreneurs thrive on the next big thing.  Even while working on one project, they will be thinking about the next trend that they can capitalize upon.  They may jump from one thing to another, quickly abandoning something that doesn’t immediately show a return on investment.  This may seem sexy to you at first.  After all, who doesn’t like to live vicariously through someone willing to take risks?  But you may find yourself wishing he would settle down, stick with something sure and reliable, and stop burning the candle at both ends.  If you are unwilling to support the type of man who will be constantly searching, evaluating and undertaking shiny new projects, don’t date an entrepreneur.

If you are unwilling to support the type of man who will be constantly undertaking new projects, don’t date an entrepreneur

3. They will need to have their own space

When you date an entrepreneur, you will soon learn that they need significant alone time.  The entrepreneur has a strong drive to be alone, thinking, creating, and consulting his inner voice and gut instinct as he evaluates his next move.  It isn’t that he doesn’t need you, but he needs to be by himself in order to verify his inner compass.  If you are a needy person, or simply someone who wants a partner by your side each evening and weekend, dating an entrepreneur is not for you.  But if you are someone who also thrives with some alone time, dating an entrepreneur can be a great situation for you.

4. Make sure you can be self-sufficient

Because entrepreneurs need a lot of alone time, you will want to make sure that you can take care of yourself when he is off on his own, sketching out plans, meeting with investors, or checking out a new project site—at all hours of the day, night and weekends.  So ask yourself if you have your own dedicated hobbies that you can occupy yourself with when your entrepreneur boyfriend has just canceled your long-awaited romantic weekend in Napa Valley.  Or, better yet, go yourself and enjoy the five-star hotel and spa.  He’ll realize he missed a great thing when he sees you upon your return, glowing and radiant from the massages and mud baths.

5. Your days and nights will be…unique

Throw out everything you know about sleep and wake cycles, because your entrepreneur will need very little sleep, or sleep at odd times.  You’ll marvel at how he can make love to you, crash for three-four hours, and then get up and start drafting a memo or organizing a launch party.  All while you stay deep in slumber.  He may need a brief power nap during the day, but his sleep needs will never be eight full hours a night.  That’s just wasted time for him!

He may crash for three-four hours, and then get up and resume work

6. Get used to sharing

When you date an entrepreneur, you will soon learn that their egos are as big as their hearts.  These are not people that cling to the shadows and avoid the limelight.  Their happiest moments are when they are up in front of a group, on stage, describing their latest project or launching a new product.  They eat up the applause and nourish themselves on the handshakes.  They love you, of course, and they recognize that it is your love that helped them get to where they are.  But they also soak in the glory they get from their audience.  If you aren’t comfortable sharing your guy, don’t date an entrepreneur.

7. Don’t compare your relationship with other “classic” couples

Unless you hang out exclusively with other couples who are entrepreneurs, you are bound to look at other friends’ relationships with a certain envy.  They can plan dinners, vacations, even grocery shopping together.  You can’t do that, as your entrepreneur boyfriend will most likely find such activities boring, and of course be apt to be called into an important meeting with an investor at the last minute, blowing up any plans you were counting on.  If you plan on becoming seriously involved with an entrepreneur, know that you should not compare your love relationship with those around you.  Unless they are also involved with entrepreneurs.  Then you can form a club, where you are free to complain about how loving an entrepreneur has its own set of issues.  But be sure to remember all the wonderful things you get out of this relationship, too!


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