7 Guys Share How They Really Feel When You Bust Out a Sex Toy

how guys feel about sex toys
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There was a time when busting out a sex toy during hanky panky was uncommon at best and taboo at worst. But those days are (thankfully) long gone. In fact, a woman I once hooked up with was actually surprised that I didn’t have any sex toys lying around for us to use. My bad!

To find out how other dudes feel about using sex toys in the sack, I asked a few of them for their thoughts on getting buzzed—if you know what I mean.

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how guys feel about sex toys
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"Back in college my then-girlfriend wanted to try this disposable vibrating cock ring. I was like, 'Sure, sounds great.' It felt OK on my dick, but it must have been especially amazing on her clit. Apparently it was so good that she got on top of me and just lied still, which was weird. That was the first and last time I’ve tried a sex toy, but I’d be open to trying another one." —Logan G.

how guys feel about sex toys
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"I hooked up with this girl a few times and the second night we were together she busted out a little vibrator thing and used it on my taint. I don’t think I’ve ever come so hard in my entire life. She stopped returning my texts before too long, and I haven’t encountered a sex toy with a woman (or without a woman) since." —Anthony F.

[Writer’s note: When I asked this dude if he'd tried to replicate this vibrator magic by himself, he said he felt weird about buying a sex toy. But I hope he’s out there somewhere stimulating his taint now as I write this.]

how guys feel about sex toys
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"I got really drunk one night when I was out with my girlfriend, and I wasn’t able to get it up at her place. So she got her vibrator and started to get herself off. Watching her masturbate was an instant whiskey dick cure. We’ve done it again since then, with both of us masturbating in front of one another. It’s a big turn on." —Nate B.

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how guys feel about sex toys
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"I’ve never used a sex toy, but I’m definitely open to it. I’d be totally cool if a woman brought one out while we were in bed, as long as she didn’t want to peg me. I don’t really want to do that." —Brian R.

how guys feel about sex toys
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"My ex and I used all kinds of toys. It was a lot of fun, and it definitely improved the overall experience—especially for her. I would use them again. Though, it was really awkward when we broke up and she came by to collect her things. I had to pack all the dildos and stuff into a box." —Jordan F.

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how guys feel about sex toys
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"A girl I used to date opened her drawer and brought a dildo out once. There wasn’t really any warning or discussion. That made me feel like I wasn’t enough and that she needed more, which I didn't really like." —Luke B.

how guys feel about sex toys
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"My wife and I use handcuffs from time to time. It’s usually her cuffing me to the bedposts, and it’s great. I don’t really know how to explain it, but it’s nice when she has complete control. I was a little bit freaked out the first time she asked if I wanted her to cuff me, but I went with it. I’m glad I did." —David S.

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