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7 Amazing Facts About Ghee That Will Force You To Use it More

7 Amazing Facts About Ghee That Will Force You To Use it More

The impressive benefits of ghee include its ability to protect your gastrointestinal system, balance the cholesterol levels, provide additional energy, reduce inflammation in the joints, eliminate certain allergy concerns, protect you from various chronic disease, improve your eye health, strengthen your immune system, and even prevent certain types of cancer. Ghee is a clarified type of butter, meaning that it has been simmered into a concentrate and the residue has been removed. What remains is basically a pure combination of fats, without any milk residue, which means that it does not need to be refrigerated.

* Ghee is easier to digest. The MCTS (medium chain triglycerides) present in it, are utilized quickly as energy, they are not stored as fat unless you over consume the calories.

* Ghee has high smoking point and doesn’t burn easily like other fats. Due to its high smoking point, it doesn’t contain dangerous free radicals which could affect our health in long run.

7 Amazing Facts About Ghee That Will Force You To Use it More

* Ghee is beneficial for people who suffer from eye problems as it contains adequate amount of vitamin A.

* Ghee is rich in both Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

* Cow ghee is much healthier than any other type of ghee. It is fewer in calories than buffalo ghee.

* Fatty acids present in ghee, act as antiviral and protect from tumors and cancers if consumed in moderate amount.

* Ghee improves immunity because it contains butyric acid, which boosts immunity by fighting with free radicals.

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