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11 months ago
68% young Indians do not believe in celebrating Valentine's Day: Survey

A lot of Indians don’t believe in celebrating Valentines Day, which falls on February 14, and think “the most romantic day of the year” should be treated like any other day, reveals a survey. The survey was conducted online by, a matchmaking service, with over 8,200 responses from Indians (married/unmarried) aged between 20-35 years.

When men and women were asked “Which day do they look forward to the most”, 61% said “Own birthday/anniversary”, followed by 36% who said “New Year’s Day” and 3% who said Valentine’s Day, read a statement. When asked “Do you believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day?”, 68% said “No” and 32% said “Yes”.

To further understand the reason behind Valentine’s Day celebrations losing its charm, millennials were asked “Why do you not celebrate Valentine’s Day?” and 55% said “It is over-hyped”, 28% said “Every day is Valentine’s Day with my special someone”, while 17% said “Too crowded to step out”. When asked “Do you think Valentnne’s Day should be treated like any other day?”, 67% said “Yes” and 33% said “No”.

“The way Valentine’s Day is celebrated has changed over the years. Especially in the recent times, it has become increasingly commercialised and hence, the charm is now lost for some people,” said’s CEO Gourav Rakshit.

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