6 Redheaded Dudes We Love

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There are plenty of double standards that are unfair to women. But one that works out in our favor? The redhead factor: Women with red locks are viewed as sexy. Men with red hair? Not so much. British photographer Thomas Knights' new photo exhibition, "Red Hot," sets out to correct that—which we totally support. In honor of the exhibition, check out our favorite men with red-hot hair.


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Damian Lewis

This Homeland star may not be on the hit television series anymore, but we’ll forever have a crush on Brody.

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Kevin McKidd

Everyone loves a hot doctor—and this Grey’s Anatomy actor is no exception.

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Seth Green

This funny guy has always been known for his fiery mane.

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Michael C. Hall

Dexter may be a psychopath, but he’s also seriously sexy—there’s no denying.

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Prince Harry

What’s a list of redheaded studs without Prince Harry, the royal redhead?

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Rupert Grint

And of course we can’t forget our favorite wizard (sorry, Harry)!

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