6 Pieces of Funny Marriage Advice for Your Happily Ever After

Funny marriage advice for a happily ever after

We’ve all grown up consuming media that always talks about a happily ever after. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and a number of Disney princess all show us that perfect happily ever after once they find their Prince Charming and ride off into to the sunset.

But what happens after that? What happens after you’ve tied the knot? Well, it’s certainly not roses and rainbows, you can be sure! The real work is just starting, newlyweds, and here’s some advice that can help you out!

Funny marriage advice for a happily ever after

1. Never stop talking

Sleeping Beauty spent most of her time sleeping. But you can’t do that with your spouse. You both need to talk and communicate.

Communication is the number one thing a married couple needs in their life. It’s important to remember that this is the main reason how you both got so far by talking to each other, sharing the problems and eventually finding the solutions together.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to stay in contact the whole day via texts or calls. No one likes a crazy, possessive spouse! Don’t stalk your significant other!

But when you both are finally together, you should share how your day was like. Talking about casual things is also essential like movies, politics, food, etc. Also, don’t hesitate to fake interest from time to time.

If your husband is talking about what happened at work, you should continue to nod and pretend to be interested. The same goes for husbands when their wife tells them something. The important thing is that your significant other thinks they’re being listened to.

2. Learn to compromise or at least try

Compatibility won’t be able to do anything if you lack the quality of compromising. It’s impossible that you both will see the situation similarly every time; people are different and so are their point of views. And yes, there’s some truth to the age-old saying: when it comes to marriage, the wife is always right and the husband is always wrong.

Hey, fellas! We never said compromising in a marriage was going to be easy!

Also, ladies! Consider giving a few wins to your hubby once in a while because compromising is a two-way street. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your happily ever after!

3. Attack the problem and not each other

The next funny marriage advice deals with the ‘blame game’ we all tend to play. It’s very easy to point your finger at the other person when the situation is not ideal but marriage is not about being correct but about being a team, and there’s no ‘I’ in the word team… unfortunately.

So, instead of fighting with each other, try to address the problem together. Things can’t be perfect all the time, and there will be issues. There will be many downs along with the many ups but how you decide to handle those downs will reflect how successful you both indeed are as a married couple.

However, feel free to ignore all of that if the ‘problem’ is your husband. Then, by all means, attack! He’ll get over it… hopefully.

Learn to address the problems together

4. Respect each other’s interests

A happy marriage is undoubtedly one in which you have shared interests with your wife or husband, or so they say. There will be times when you have zero interest in something they like or want to do. Again, this is the time to fake it.

Also, keep in mind that this is a ‘give-and-take’ thing. If your wife allows you to watch a football game on the TV during one of her soaps, then you should also be prepared for a shopping spree or sitting through a chick-flick in due time.

5. Take out time for each other

Who wants to bet most fairytale princess would leave their prince if they don’t slay a dragon for them every day? The same holds true for your happily ever after. Of course, we aren’t saying you should go and slay a dragon (though you should if you want). The point here is to keep the flames of romance burning.

Regardless of how tired you are or how long your day was it’s essential you both sit with each other every night or try to have dinner together. Go out on a date night! Put some effort into keeping the romance alive.

6. Be open about sex

While another funny marriage advice, it’s one that has scientific support. You all need to be vocal about sex. Being shy or waiting for your significant other to figure out what you want them to do is just going to lead to disappointment.

So, don’t forget to continue talking to your partner about what you like and what you dislike. Sex is one of the most significant contributors to a healthy, happy relationship. Ha! That’s something they don’t tell in fairytales, right? Who knows what Snow White and the rest get up to in the bedroom!

Men, you need to put some kind of effort into it instead of just thinking about yourself. And women, try showing some passion instead of just lying down like a board. Try new things. Bring out the toys, if necessary!

 You need to be vocal about sex

Wrapping it up

Getting your fairytale happily ever after is tough. Not everything in a marriage is going to be sunshine and singing birds. So, while it’s funny marriage advice, believe us when we say that it’s bound to help. Give it a try.

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