6 Penis Rings You Didn't Know You Needed to Try

While penis rings (or cock rings, as they're often called) are certainly nothing new, odds are you probably haven't given as much thought to them as you might other sex toys. But you should! Because if you have sex with partners with penises, a penis ring could make your experience significantly better.

But how does a glorified dick necklace impact you? Lisa Finn, Brand Manager and Sex Educator at Babeland, explains that penis rings are primarily designed to restrict blood flow into the shaft of the penis. This restricted blood flow can help maintain a stronger erection, as well as make the wearer's shaft and tip more sensitive to touch. This makes penis rings especially worth looking into if your partner tends to ejaculate early or has difficulty maintaining an erection.

If your partner doesn't have difficulty maintaining an erection, a penis ring could still be worth experimenting with solely for the extra clitoral stimulation. Many penis rings have vibrators either built into the ring itself or have a special loop for a bullet vibrator, so you feel extra targeted stimulation with each thrust.

If you want something for a beginner:


The RingO is made of silicone so it's soft and comfortable, while still adjustable and snug. Silicone rings are best for beginners because there's more leeway with fit, as opposed to penis rings made of metal.

Shop Now RingO, THE SCREAMING O (Available at Babeland), $7

If you want something that vibrates:


The fully rechargeable and waterproof Tor 2 can be worn with the vibrator on top of your partner's shaft or below, so depending on your favorite position, you'll always be able to feel the bennies. There are six settings and the toy is made of silky smooth silicone so you're at less risk of catching skin in weird places.

Shop Now Tor 2, LELO, $139

If you want size options:


This set has nine different rings of varying sizes so you can not only find the exact one that fits you perfectly, but you can also add different rings for different experiences. There are shaft rings, ball rings, as well as ball and shaft rings. Also, the rings all come on a mini traffic cone which I personally love a lot because I'm tacky like that.

Shop Now Play Zone Cock Ring Set, PERFECT FIT (Available at Babeland), $39

If you want something you can adjust easily:


These bolo-tie style rings feature an easy-to-adjust button to slide for the perfect fit. With this type of ring, you can also put it on while your partner is fully erect and adjust accordingly.

Shop Now Buddy Ring, TOYFRIEND (Available at Babeland), $14

If you want something heavy-duty:


This metal ring is made of 1.75 inch stainless steel so it'll add significant heft into your penis ring experience. It's sized to fit behind testicles snugly, and the stainless steel means it's perfect for temperature play.

Shop Now Stainless Steel Donut Cock Ring, DOMINIX (Available on Lovehoney), $26

If you want something cheeky:


We've written about this one before and it bears mentioning again. If you're into the features of a metal penis ring but want something cheekier, this ring is engraved to look like a giant wedding ring from Fifty Shades Freed so all your ringed sex can bring up fond memories of reading E.L. James covertly on your Kindle.

Shop Now Fifty Shades Freed Steel Love Ring, LOVEHONEY, $50

With any ring, make sure you start slow and don't bite off more than you can chew when using a penis ring for the first time. "With anything that's involving blood flow — be it a [penis] ring, nipple clamp, penis pump, etc — you don't want to dive right in and potentially cause any nerve damage." Finn explains. She recommends the wearer try it out for short durations of time to gradually increase tolerance and figure out what their body responds to. It's also a good idea for your partner to try out the penis ring solo at first — perhaps while masturbating — to test it out for themselves before adding a partner into the mix. However, if they feel numbness, any pain, or see the skin becoming red or purple, they should take the ring off immediately.

When your partner puts the ring on, you want to make sure they're using plenty of lube to get the ring on and off, otherwise it could pull at the skin or pubic hair and that's a recipe for pain and disaster. A little spit won't do the trick here — you want actual lube. Finn says that lube won't make the ring fall off if it's the right size (snug, but not uncomfortably tight), and will just help eliminate any friction that could irritate the skin. Finn recommends Sliquid Organics because the formula is safe to use with rings of any material. If you're using your own lube, make sure it's not silicone based as silicone lubes should never be used with silicone toys.


Shop Now Sliquid Organics Natural, SLIQUID (Available at Babeland), $14

Most penis rings are designed to be put on when the penis is flaccid or partially flaccid, with the erection sort of "growing" into it. The ring can be situated either in front of (good for beginners) or behind the testicles too. Keeping the ring behind the testicles can also help delay ejaculation.

If your partner is wearing a condom with a penis ring, put the ring on first, then, when the wearer is fully erect, put the condom on second. "You don’t want the condom to be stretched over or under the ring, as the ring could pull on it and cause a potential rip," Finn explains.

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