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6 Pairs of Hot Heels That Won't Murder Your Feet

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Slipping into a pair of slinky, tall, sexy shoes always seems like a great idea—for about five minutes. After that, all you feel are blisters, arch pain, and grumpines. But not all shoes have evil soles (yep, we went there). We asked Women's Health staffers for their favorite pairs. Your tootsies won't mind these a bit!

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Nude Pumps

"In general I think heels = podiatric hell. You'll rarely see me in them unless I'm doing a TV appearance or at a black tie event. However, this is the only pair I've been able to wear all day without switching to comfier shoes." — Jill Percia, Women's Health beauty editor

Regola Platform Heels, $79, 

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Summer Sandals

"The sole of this shoe is really comfortable. But the best part of this pair is the heel—which is thick enough to give a lot of support. Plus, the lace-up straps are adjustable, so they don't dig into my feet." —Gabrielle Porcaro, Women's Health senior fashion and market editor

Rosella Ghillie Sandal, $138,

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Red Suede Pumps

"These pumps are perfect for me because they have wide size options, which keep my feet from feeling cramped." —Christina Hesier, senior associate editor

Oscar Suede Pumps, $59.95,

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T-Strap Dress Sandals

"I've worn these shoes to countless weddings and have never felt the urge to take them off—even after all of that dancing. The platform takes the edge off of the height, and there's cushioning from heel to toe." —Ashley Oerman, editorial assistant

Geneva Jeweled Dress Sandals, $89.99,

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Mary Jane Heels

"Whenever I shop for heels, I always look for a sturdy heel and a spacious toe box. This has both of those qualities, and I like the vintage-inspired shape." —Sandra Roldan, senior producer

Hopscotch Tag, $329,

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Metallic Pumps

"I know people don't think of heels when they think of Rockport, but they make this ridiculously comfortable style with a special cushion-y sole designed by Adidas. I can actually wear them while commuting around New York City without hating myself. The pumps come in a bunch of colors, but my favorite is gold." —Robin Hilmantel, deputy editor

Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump, $140,

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