6 Masturbation Mistakes That Are Undermining Your O

masturbation mistakes
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We're halfway through National Masturbation Month! We'll admit it's a little corny, but it’s hands down (heh) one of our favorite national holidays. That's because diddling the Skittle is one of the best ways to wash away stress and send a surge of happy hormones through your bod. Plus, getting familiar below deck can heat up tandem sex sessions, too.

At this point, you’ve probably got a go-to method for polishing the pearl (OK, last cheesy euphemism…maybe), but we guarantee there are more ways to upgrade your alone time.

Check out these common masturbation missteps—and how to solve them—so you can get to the mind-blowing O’s.

masturbation mistakes
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Without question, the clitoris is the star of any masturbation show. But there are plenty of other body parts packed with super-sensitive nerve endings that you can work into your routine. “Use your hands to stimulate the nipples, vaginal lips, and G-spot for a more intense experience,” says sex therapist Lisa Lawless, Ph.D., founder of holisticwisdom.com.

masturbation mistakes
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“So many women tell me that they feel guilty about their fantasies and stifle their imagination, even when they’re all riled up,” says Jessica O’Reilly, Ph.D., Astroglide’s resident sex and relationship expert.

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Try to remember that your fantasies are just thoughts, she says. "It’s perfectly normal to think about about scenarios, people, and activities that you wouldn’t want to explore in real life.” It's time to let that mind wander, baby.

masturbation mistakes
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If you’ve only got five minutes, charge ahead. But if time is on your side, creating a sexy and relaxing atmosphere can intensify your pleasure potential. “Put on your favorite perfume or body cream, light some candles, or wear fabrics that feel sexy, like lace or silk," says Lawless. That will help transport you from a boring Tuesday night to orgasm central.

masturbation mistakes
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You wouldn’t get jiggy with someone else if you were bone dry, so it doesn’t make sense to get handsy without the slippery stuff either.

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And since you're alone, it's the perfect time to experiment with new types of lube, like the warming kind, says O’Reilly. You can try it out before committing to it with a partner.

masturbation mistakes
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Just as your iPhone’s gotten better over the past five years, sex toys have benefitted from a tech upgrade, too. For example, the Womanizer creates a unique air pulsation that brings more blood into the clitoris, which is very stimulating, says Lawless. She says toys like this are great for all women, especially those who have a low libido or difficulty climaxing. "It makes having an orgasm much easier.”

masturbation mistakes
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Maybe the only X-rated flicks you've seen made you want to throw up a little. (Yep, there’s some scary stuff out there.) However, there’s a wealth of female-focused erotica that hones in on foreplay and penetration, and won't make you want to cover your eyes.  For example, ladycheeky.com has gifs and photos of sexy scenes that will leave you humming. You can also grab a sexy book or throw on a steamy TV show (um, isn't that what Game of Thrones is for?)

Now, keep your hands to yourself. *wink*

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