6 Ideas to Write a Heartfelt Love Letter to Your Husband

Surprise your husband by writing him a love letter

The art of letter writing is dwindling in an age of emails and instant messaging. If you and your husband have been together long enough, you may well remember sending each other love letters during your courtship. Maybe you’ve never sent one before. Why not surprise your loved one by sending them a love letter, to remind them why you’re so enamoured with them? Here’s how you can write the perfect love letter to them.

1. Surprise them

The surprise element really is key. Keep your letter under wraps, and they’ll be delighted with such a thoughtful gift. People want to keep the letter a surprise. They want that when they deliver their letter, their other halves should pleasantly surprised by such a heartfelt gift.

2. Use variety

A letter that lovingly appreciates just a person’s physical attributes is nice, but it doesn’t cover the whole picture. Think about what you really love about your husband. Maybe he’s always sure to have a cup of coffee ready for you in the morning. Maybe you really love the way he kisses you goodnight. Use your letter to really explore what it is about him that has you smitten and get personal with it.

Love letters aren’t going to be read by everyone; only your husband so feel free to get as personal as you can. If he’s reading a letter that contains a tonne of points that only you and he know about, he’ll know that this is a letter that has come straight from the heart.

Feel free to get as personal as you can in your love letter

3. You don’t need to go over the top

When you think of love letters, you’ll think of extravagant prose, beautiful poetry, or decadent stationery. But as with most things in life, it’s the content that counts. Don’t worry if you’re not a poet, or have a way with language. All you need to do is write from the heart.

4. Use online tools

When it comes to writing a love letter, you don’t want to hand them a letter that’s filled with spelling mistakes and typos; it will just kill the mood! Instead, here’s a selection of tools you can use to guarantee perfection;

You can use these two writing blogs to refresh your knowledge on how to use grammar properly.

This is a writing agency that can provide you with courses to improve your writing skills, as recommended by the HuffingtonPost in Write My Paper.

You can use the writing guides found on these blogs to guide you through the writing process.

This is a complete editing and proofreading service to help you perfect your love letter.

Use this free online tool to add quotes or citations to your love letter in a readable format.

These are online writing agencies that can help you with all your love letter writing queries.

A free online tool you can use to track the word count of your love letter.

5. Look up some examples

Can’t think where to start? Don’t worry. There’s plenty of examples online that can show you how a love letter can look. These can be found using a quick Google search using the term ‘examples of love letters’. Take a look at a few, and you’ll soon realise you can get a lot of creative freedom when it comes to writing such a heartfelt letter.

6. It doesn’t have to be very long

You may want to write a love letter, but you’re dreading having to write reams and reams of loved-up prose. If that’s your thing, go right ahead. However, you are absolutely not required to do this. A short, heartfelt and personal letter is better than one that’s been padded out. Your letter will be just between the two of you, so it’s up to you how you write it. What’s guaranteed, though, is just how much your husband will love it.

Mary Walton is a professional editor and online tutor, currently living in Santa Monica. She lived in Australia for 10 years and gained her degree in creative writing at the University of Melbourne. Her current freelance role allows her to travel around the world and take in different cultures. In her spare time, she also loves surfing, and expressing her creative side through painting.
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