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6 Halloween-Themed Pieces of Workout Gear

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Whether you're looking for some spook-tacularly festive gear to get you in the Halloween spirit or you just happen to be a bit of a sci-fi/horror nerd (like, um, some people), Australian-based clothing company BlackMilk has got just the thing for you. Known for their insanely awesome printed pieces that range from Game of Thrones-inspired jerseys (get it?) to smiling ice cream cone dresses (really), the brand originally started making unconventional printed leggings just for fashion's sake.

The quality synthetic stretch fabric has made BlackMilk so popular as fitness wear, however, that they've recently branched out into making more gym-specific attire, too. Their wacky Halloween-inspired prints include everything from skeleton tanks to Dexter-esque blood-splattered leggings to a zombie Abraham Lincoln basketball jersey—and even a Wonder Woman swimsuit complete with a detachable cape! Click through for some of our favorite picks from the line.

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Pumpkin Knit Leggings, $70,

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Braaains High-Waisted Leggings, $70,

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Zombraham Lincoln Shooter, $75,

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What a Mess Leggings, $70,

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