6 Guys Share the Sexiest Tattoos They’ve Ever Seen

sexiest tattoos on a woman
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The sexiest tattoo I’ve ever seen was some text that ran along a woman’s rib cage. I never even found out what it said, but I dug it nonetheless. The second sexiest belongs to my friend, Molly. She recently got a tattoo on her forearm of her dog, Frank, wearing an astronaut suit. It's no John Lennon quote or lower hip tattoo, but her sense of humor and a lack of f**ks given are very sexy.

And I’m far from alone in my tattoo adoration. Here's what six guys had to say about the sexiest tattoos they’ve ever seen (on women). One of them may or may not feature a slice of pizza...

sexiest tattoos on a woman
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"The sexiest tattoo I’ve ever seen on a woman was the Rebel Alliance symbol from Star Wars placed just above one of her hips. I don’t think I could ever resist a girl who loves Star Wars enough to get something from the movie tattooed on her body." —Phil S.

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sexiest tattoos on a woman
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"I once slept with a woman who had a partial sleeve tattoo of characters from the book Where the Wild Things Are. I find pretty much any sleeve tattoo sexy, but this one stood out the most because I’ve always loved that book. I wish I had the balls to get something similar." —Trevor S.

sexiest tattoos on a woman
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"My ex wins this one. She has tons of tattoos, but the sexiest one is this big dream catcher piece on the back of her shoulder. It was inspired by her issues with night terrors. It looked sexy and the meaning made it even more so—though I'm not sure why. —Shane H.

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sexiest tattoos on a woman
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"The hottest one I've seen was a woman's Grateful Dead sleeve tattoo. I liked it because it showed her passion for my favorite band." —Kyle G.

sexiest tattoos on a woman
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"I went on a few dates with this woman who had a slice of pepperoni pizza tattooed on her thigh! I get that it's not sexy in the traditional sense, but to me funny = sexy. During the first date, we were talking about the tattoos we had and she showed me a picture of the pizza one. Unfortunately, things never went far enough for me to see it in real life." —Jonathan S.

sexiest tattoos on a woman
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"I really like tattoos on the inside of the wrist. I once dated a woman who had a wrist tattoo in Latin that translated to, 'And light shines in the darkness.' For some reason it's sexier in Latin. Maybe it's because it’s kind of secretive; nobody knows how to read or speak Latin anymore." —Gregory H.

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