6 Cheryl Strayed Quotes to Help Any Couple Survive the Holidays Together

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Cheryl Strayed documented her own complicated relationships in Wild and offered important advice to others in Tiny Beautiful Things—so we had a feeling she would be sympathetic to just how wild (sorry, had to!) romantic entanglements can get around the holidays.  

To celebrate her new collection of quotes, Brave Enough, we decided to take some of our favorite messages of hers and apply them to common relationship experiences that happen between November and January.

We hope you remember these words the morning after a night of too much eggnog.

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Have this quote handy on Black Friday when you and your boo make the questionable decision to head to the mall together. If you can make it out of there alive and still loving each other (and maybe with one or two highly discounted gifts), you’re basically good as gold. 

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Meeting his parents for the first time this Christmas? This one is for you.

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Remember: It’s not about who chose the best present, made the biggest gesture, or picked the best-looking tree. It’s about helping each other nurse those hangovers the next morning.

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Too many party invites? Too much nagging from the relatives? One of the best parts of being a couple on the holidays is saying “no”—together.

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So his mom doesn't like you—no point in killing yourself trying to change her mind.

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Santa Claus might not be real, but relationship drama around the holidays definitely is. Take it all in stride. Breathe deep breaths. Have makeup sex at your in-laws' house. You can do this! 

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