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5 reasons why you may need a C-section delivery

A C-section delivery, also called a caesarean, is a complicated process with multiple health risks. No doctors in their right minds will ever advise you to choose this option if you are healthy enough to deliver normally. This is an invasive procedure where a surgeon makes a cut in the belly and uterus to take the baby out from your womb. Over the years, this has become much safer and the increase in the number of elective C-section deliveries globally proves this fact.


Elective C – section refers to a scheduled surgery for delivery of a baby. This is done not for any medical reason but is a personal choice. It gives a woman more control on when the baby is born. It also reduces the anxiety of waiting for labour to start. Just because a doctor is allowing this, doesn’t mean that it is safe. Elective caesarean delivery does have some major health risks like increased chances of caesarean delivery in any future pregnancies, surgery complications and a longer recovery period.


Most doctors may recommend a C-section delivery to maintain the health of both mother and baby. While it is true that this procedure comes with risks, sometimes a normal delivery may be more dangerous for a woman. Here are a few reasons why a woman may opt for this surgical procedure instead of giving birth normally.

Mother is carrying twins or triplets

If a woman is carrying more than one child, her doctor may recommend a C-section delivery. This is because a normal delivery may be risky. Movement of the babies, once labour starts, may increase risk of complications, which may sometimes be fatal.

Premature or pre-term delivery

Another potential cause of C-section delivery is that labour may start much before the due date. This may require an emergency C-section procedure.

Placenta previa

A mother may need a c-section delivery if her baby’s placenta lies low in the uterus and partially or totally covers her cervix. This can cause severe bleeding during pregnancy. While it is easy and necessary to monitor and avoid this situation throughout pregnancy, in some cases, it might not be possible to do so. In such situations, a C-section may be the only reasonable choice left.

Dilation problems during labour

When the cervix fails to reach the required level of 10cm dilation even after intense labour pain, which is necessary for the baby to descend along the birth canal, a doctor may recommend an emergency c-section delivery.

Abnormal positioning of baby

For a normal delivery, it is essential that a baby is positioned head first near the birth canal. But sometimes, babies flip. They may be positioned with their feet or butt towards the canal. This is known as a breech birth. Aside from this, they also be placed sideways or with their shoulders towards the birth canal. This is known as a transverse birth. In such cases, a caesarean delivery is the safest option.

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