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5 reasons why the water bag breaks early and leads to premature labour

A woman going into premature labour isn’t something unheard of. There have been times when a woman has delivered before her expected due date which leads to an emergency. One reason for this is the untimely breaking of the water bag — the amniotic sac that carries the baby surrounded by the amniotic fluid. When the amniotic sac or the water bag breaks before the expected due date without the contractions setting in, it is termed as premature rupture of the membranes or PROM. Here are other things that could lead to preterm labour.

PROM is an unpredictable event of one’s pregnancy. Most often doctors are not able to pinpoint a reason for the same. The causes for a PROM could be many, here Dr Meghana Sarvaiya, consultant gynaecologist, Cloudnine Hospitals, tells us about the probable causes for the same.

UTIs: The most common cause for a PROM could be a UTI infection. This could lead to the sac to leak and the water to gush out. If an infection travels all the way from the vagina to the cervix it can cause the sac to break setting one up for a premature labour. Here are few common signs of UTIs that you should know.

Vaginal infection: Of course, UTIs and vaginal infections might mean the same, but here we are talking about the specific type of infection Group B streptococcus (GBS). It is a kind of bacterial infection which is common during pregnancy. The Group B streptococcus (GBS) bacteria colonise in the rectum and vagina of a pregnant woman and can lead to a bacterial infection. In rare cases, the mother can pass on the infection to baby during labour. A woman is usually screened for this infection between the 35th and 37th week of pregnancy using a vaginal swab. The most common outcome of this infection is PROM. Here are few ways to take care of your vagina after a vaginal birth.

Multiple pregnancies: The risk of multiple pregnancies can be manifold and one of them is PROM. This is why carrying multiple fetuses is termed high risk for an expectant mother. Multiple foetuses could make it difficult for the pregnancy to reach it’s expected due date and lead to the break of water bag before term due to overstretching of the uterus and the amniotic sac.  Here is how to manage a twin pregnancy.

Excess fluid in the sac: A condition called polyhydramnios, which means excess water in the sac could be a reason for the same. Excess amniotic fluid could be due to multiple pregnancies too and this could make the sac distend beyond its limit and break.

Physical trauma: Any kind of physical trauma that can lead to a pressure on the abdomen — like a road travel or carrying weights — especially during the last weeks of the pregnancy could lead to a PROM.

The above-mentioned reasons are some of the commonest reasons for PROM. Usually, contractions set in soon after the membranes rupture if it happens post 37 weeks, if not labour needs to be induced. Labour is induced only if the doctors are sure that the fetus’s lungs are matured enough to initiate the birthing process.

But if a rupture happens before that or during mid-pregnancy it could be life-threatening for both. An early rupture happens due to a severe infection (either in the uterus, vagina or cervix) and needs medical care. Antibiotics are prescribed to keep the infection in check and steroid injections are given to ensure lung maturity in the fetus. In most cases, labour and delivery are initiated post PROM. Intensive care for the baby after delivery is necessitated. So, take pregnancy leaking very seriously. If you notice water leaking or gushing out during your pregnancy at any time, don’t ignore the symptom.

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