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5 questions to ask your gynaecologist after a c-section

Healing after a c-section takes time and every mother who undergoes a c-section knows this. But the superficial healing of the incision is not what we are talking about over here. Know that when you undergo c-section layers of skin is cut including your uterus to bring the baby out. So, you can imagine how much TLC your body needs to heal and function at its optimum. Of course, mothers have a lot of questions when they go for their post-natal visits, ‘When will my scar heal?’ ‘Will I be able to lose weight?’ ‘Can I lift weights?’ But these questions will be answered to you either by your doctor or by your hospital staff during discharge as a part of your postnatal care guide. Here is how to take care of your c-section incision.

But when you are back for a postnatal check-up, which happens usually after six weeks of delivery there are more concerns that need to be answered. Some mothers know their problems and seek answers to the same, others often feel displaced. For the latter ones, it is understandable; even though you have your questions you might feel a bit lost still struggling with baby blues. So, to make things simple I got a list here. These are the questions you need to get an answer from to help yourself heal better.

Can I exercise?

Your doctor is going to give a positive nod and say yes after six weeks of rest. She might also ask you to start slowly with walks and then gradually up the ante and work towards your weight loss plans. But don’t just be happy with that answer. If you are overweight, even brisk walks could put a strain on your abdomen. Ask her the specifics, how long you can walk, the speed at which you can start and if you can lift weights. Because any activity you do is going to have an impact on the internal healing of the incision. So, be specific over here. Here are few exercises you need to avoid after a c-section.

When is the best time to plan the second child?

You might not be thinking about a second child right away or even have plans for the second one. But still get the answer from the expert. After six weeks when you resume your sex life, you need to be sure about a lot of things. While your doctor will suggest the right contraceptive options for you know accidents do happen. If you are romanticising about having a second child sometime in future, it makes sense to get the answer right away so you can plan better. Most doctors will tell you that a pregnancy within six months is not advisable and one should wait for two years before planning the second child. But this depends from one person to another. If you had a high-risk pregnancy then probably you have to wait a little longer before you can plan the second pregnancy or take certain steps to ensure your body will be able to withstand the demands of another pregnancy. Here are six things to keep in mind before planning a second child.

Should I be wearing maternity jeans for more days after the scar heals?

Most people will think this is a baseless question and you should wear clothes that you are comfortable in. But let me tell you that any pressure on the abdomen can increase your chances of a hernia, especially if you are overweight. So, be careful and watchful of what you wear. I was told by my gynaecologist to avoid wearing a maternity belt after a c-section for the same reason. Tight clothes could delay the internal healing and increase the risk of a c-section. Here are few types of maternity denims you should invest in.

Is there anything that will affect the healing of my incision?

Remember c-section is a major surgery. So, it takes time for the body to heal. The six weeks of rest post the operation is just not enough. If you are planning to go back to your routine life — carry groceries, cook, clean, do the majority of your household work — ask your doctor if anything can affect the healing process. Many women even after years of their c-section complain about slight pain in the incision site when they lift weights.

Is it a sign of worry if I feel pain in the site of incision later?

It is not unusual for women who undergo a c-section to suffer from a hernia if they have not taken care of themselves the right way. A hernia after a c-section is called incisional hernia where the abdominal lining pushes out through the surgical incision. Any abdominal pressure can make the intestinal lining gush out through the incision before it heals completely. Obese women, diabetics, women with large incision are at greater risk of developing a hernia. Some significant symptoms of a hernia after c-section are abdominal pain, nausea, constipation and pain. Know these signs before so you can get help on time. Know if c-section increases one’s chances of suffering from a hernia.

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