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9 months ago
5 people injured as elevator crashes at Delhi AIIMS

At least five people were injured when an elevator at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) here malfunctioned and crashed to the ground from the second floor on Saturday morning, an official said.

Police filed an FIR against the company which held the annual maitenance contract for the lift.

The AIIMS Director has constituted a committee under the Medical Superintendent to look into the lift failure and recommend appropriate measures.

“There were 20 persons in the lift, including operator and a hospital staff, when the accident occurred around 9.30 a.m. The main Emergency and Trauma Centre were informed and five injured persons shifted to Emergency for treatment. All five are now stable,” AIIMS Media and Protocol Division Chairperson Dr Aarti Vij said.

The official said the lift number 17 at the Medical Support Office failed to stop on way to the ground floor from the second floor and went straight into the lift pit, which has buffer springs.

There was no official word on the probable reason for the lift malfunctioning.

All lifts at the AIIMS are under a comprehensive maintenance contract. This particular lift was last serviced on February 27, Dr Vij said.

Source: IANS

Image Source: Shutterstock (The picture is for representational purpose only)

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