5 interesting facts about psoriasis you need to know

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that causes severe itching and redness of the skin. Several factors including diet and weather can aggravate this skin condition. But did you know how common is this condition in India? Do kids suffer from this condition? We have Dr SanjivKandhari, Dermatologist, Delhi sharing few interesting facts about psoriasis including the statistics and ethnicity. Also read about things a homoeopath wants you to know about ‘curing’ psoriasis.

#1. Psoriasis is one of the most common skin conditions that cause skin cells to build up, and form shiny scales and itchy, dry red patches is a known fact. But what most people are unaware that these skin patches can be painful and can vary in size and intensity over time.

#2. The disease affects 2-4% of the population with doctors reporting more than 10 million cases in India every year. But unlike diabetes and cancer, there is not much awareness about psoriasis although it is commonly seen.

#3. Most people might think that summers are the time of the season that causes flaring up of psoriasis but it is wrong. Although sweat and humidity can worsen the symptoms of psoriasis, dry weather can make things worse. During winter, the cold winds, low humidity, wet weather and less sunlight drains the moisture out of our skin making it dry and itchy. Winter season is generally not considered a good season for people suffering from various skin disorders and psoriasis is no exception.  Here are few things people suffering from psoriasis must do.

#4. If you think that men are at risk of suffering from psoriasis than women, then you are not right. Because, men and women are affected by psoriasis and with equal frequency. Moreover, it can occur in all age groups, but primarily it affects adults.

#5. Psoriasis is a misunderstood disease and patients often keep it under wraps for fear of stigma–many wear long sleeves, high collars, and long pants to hide their skin lesions. However, it is wise to consult a doctor at the earliest to manage the condition. Also read about ways psoriasis affects your mind.

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