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11 months ago
5 benefits of intermittent fasting (besides weight loss)

If you do not know what is intermittent fasting, let us tell you that it is a pattern of eating where you choose a part of your day to refrain from eating and another part of the day to eat. In simple terms, intermittent fasting as the name suggests involves regular short-term fast.One reason why the intermittent fasting gained all the popularity is that of its weight loss benefits. But apart from weight loss, there are also other health benefits you can experience from intermittent fasting, suggests Padma Syal, Clinical Nutritionist, Delhi. So would you give this eating pattern a try?

  1. Since digestive issues like bloating are caused by overeating or eating unhealthy, intermittent fasting can help relieve these issues.
  2. Intermittent fasting encourages healthy eating habits where you will be drinking more water to keep your digestive health on track.
  3. Plus, the fasting period allows the gut lining to heal and recover so your gut bacteria also benefit from intermittent fasting.
  4. It also improves the metabolic functioning of the body due to the low caloric intake.
  5. Other added benefits include protection against chronic disease and improving your lifespan by lowering the toxic load. Did you know fasting is also good for your liver?

Downsides of intermittent fasting

But despite its benefits, you should think twice before trying out the intermittent fasting pattern as it also has its own downsides. The fasting pattern requires you to stay hungry for a long time which can get you fatigued and irritable. Also, you may tend to overeat in the next meal to compensate for the readily available carbohydrates. So the best thing to do is not to overdo the fasting pattern. Eat if you feel hungry and also do not go overboard with the calorie-laden stuff. Here are 4 things fasting does to your body and they are all good. 

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