5 Women on the Most Unexpected (and Unexpectedly Intense) Ways They've Orgasmed

A "nipplegasm," or an orgasm that's facilitated by nipple play, was actually the first orgasm I ever had. It happened the way many first-time orgasms do: in the back of a car. I was mid-steamy makeout session with an older guy from my high school, when he started to feel me up. Then he went at my boobs with his mouth, flicking my nipple with his tongue. A few intense minutes of that went by, and then I came.

To say my nipplegasm was unexpected would be an understatement. But as it turns out, unpredicted orgasms happen a lot. They can strike at the gym, the pool, and even at a coffee shop. Here, women share the surprising ways they've reached the big "O."

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ways women have orgasmed
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"I rapid-fire sneeze, one after the other, sometimes over a dozen times depending on my allergies. I was sitting in a chair at a coffee shop working on my dissertation when a sneeze attack hit me. But this one was so intense that around sneeze eight or nine, the vibrations and the way I was sitting on the edge of the chair made me orgasm. It was embarrassing at first, but I could concentrate better after it happened." —Addie, 29

ways women have orgasmed
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"When I read that coregasming was a thing that could happen, I made it my business to have one. Getting a workout in and getting myself off? Yes, please. I bought The Coregasm Workout book, gave it a read, and did as I was told. I did the 20-minute warmup and lower ab activations, but it took a few tries to finally get it. (The author isn't kidding when she says you need to really free your mind for it to work.) When I finally came, it was so worth it." —Kara, 27

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ways women have orgasmed
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"I was young at the time and didn't realize that I was technically masturbating. All I knew is that those pool jets felt so good. I'd sit in front of them until it happened for me. When my mom came out and asked why I was hanging over the edge of the pool, I'd tell her that I dropped my goggles—again." —Alli, 28 (Get off on purpose with these toys from the Women's Health Boutique.)

ways women have orgasmed
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"In high school, I rode horses competitively. When this guy I had a crush on from school came to see me, all I could think about was all the things that I wanted to do to him. Those dirty thoughts plus the hard saddle and the vibrations of my horse made me come. It was a weird experience for sure, but it was also kind of a relief." —Nancy, 24

ways women have orgasmed
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"The summer going into my freshman year of high school was the year that I was finally tall enough to ride the huge waterslide at the water park in my town. I remember drooling over the ridiculously hot lifeguard while he gave me a pep talk. Little did I know, this would also be my first time orgasming, thanks to the rush of water pressure on my way down the slide. You never forget your first." —Sabrina, 25

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