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1 year ago
5 Ways to Change Your Lifeâ€"In 60 Minutes or Less!

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If you have 60 seconds

Weigh your purse. If it’s heavier than 10 percent of your body weight, weed through its contents to lighten your load. 



2/5 ,
If you have 2 minutes

Air-pop some popcorn. It’s a satisfying snack that counts as a whole grain, too!


3/5 ,
If you have 5 minutes

Rub coconut oil everywhere—face, body, hair—after showering. Cover star Carrie Underwood loves the smell and feel. 


4/5 ,
If you have 15 minutes

Sculpt your core with a couple rounds of the "Ab Bonus!" moves in "The New Tone-at-Home Pilates"!


5/5 ,
If you have 60 minutes

Whip up a Pumpkin-Pie Soufflé—it's an innovative (and more diet-friendly) use of the classic holiday flavor. 


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