5 Ways Men Benefit From Loving FLRs

Although the woman in a Loving Female Led Relationship enjoys having things done her way, the Gentleman in a Loving FLR benefits tremendously as well. Here are 5 of the most common ways men benefit from Loving FLRs.

He never has to guess how she feels or what she really wants.

Women in Loving FLRs do not hold back their feelings to appease the man or spare him embarrassment. In fact, a Loving FLR is the opposite. Women are encouraged to share their appreciation or displeasure the moment that they feel it. Men no longer have to guess what is going on in her head because she boldly tells him without worrying about how he will take it. He understands that her ability to express herself honestly is a gift to him so that they can work through any issues that arise and he can offer more of the behaviors that she approves of.

Sex is much better when she wants it.

Typically a sexual encounter between a man and woman begins when the man initiates it and ends when he ejaculates. This social expectation does not exist in a Loving FLR. Women in Loving FLRs have the choice to decide whether they want to be the ones to initiate intimacy. In a Loving FLR, sex begins when she decides that she wants pleasure and ends when she is done giving or receiving sexual pleasure in a way that pleases her.

There are no situations where she is giving her body to him because he requested it and her mind is detached from the experience. If she doesn’t want sex, he doesn’t get it. She initiates sex when she is ready. Because of this, when she does decide that she wants to express her love for him sexually, the experience is amazing. She is fully engaged, active and focused on ensuring that she has fun with her partner.

He appreciates being able to walk beside a woman of power.

A man engaged in a Loving FLR does so because he is proud of the woman he loves. He admires her so much that he is willing to follow her lead in public and in their private lives. Men who are lucky enough to attract a powerful woman would rarely think of leaving her or even looking at another woman because he is mesmerized by her ability to take the reigns of the relationship and help him improve their life together. He understands that a woman like this does not come a dime a dozen and he takes great pride in supporting her vision by supporting her in any way he can. He knows that she is with him because she wants to be and not because she needs him. He feels honored to be her choice.

He gets to be her hero.

Most men cannot engage in a Loving Female Led Relationship because they are not capable of following a woman’s lead. In some cases, their ego will not allow them to trust someone to make decisions that impact them. In other cases, they are not skilled enough to help make her dreams come true. A man engages in a Loving FLR when he is sure that he can rise to the occasion when the woman he loves makes a request or sets a new standard for their life together.

A man in a Loving FLR has the opportunity to show off his skills and special ability to make her wishes come true. It takes a very special man to be able say YES to a woman when she makes a request. Most men lack the capacity to say YES. They have to say, “Maybe” or “I can’t do that right now.” Men engaged in Loving FLRs can and DO say YES because they know they have the magic that she needs to help push her vision into reality. A man in a Loving FLR gets to become the woman’s hero and she appreciates that every day.

He becomes a better man.

Submissive women tend to encourage their partners to be who they are. They are known to say- I love you how you are. Women in Loving FLRs are always thinking of ways they can improve themselves and their lives and they hold their partners to these same standards. Whether they want to see progress financially, physically or spiritually, a woman in a Loving FLR is devoted to the progress of the relationship and challenges her partner to grow with her. As a result he must rise to the occasion, meet her challenges and needs and he becomes a much better version of himself in the process.

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