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1 year ago
5 Health Conditions Medical Marijuana Helps

1/5 Andrew Hetherington
Virginia Commonwealth University researchers found that cannabinoids may play a role in controlling spontaneous epileptic seizures.


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2/5 Andrew Hetherington
Those who consume marijuana occasionally—or even daily—were less depressed than those who had never tried it, according to University of Southern California research.


3/5 Andrew Hetherington
CBD, a calming cannabinoid found in marijuana, may have powerful anti-diabetes properties, per a study in the journal Autoimmunity.


4/5 Andrew Hetherington
Rheumatoid Arthritis
When given cannabis-based medicine for five weeks, patients at the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases reported significant improvements in pain and quality of sleep.


5/5 Andrew Hetherington
Alzheimer's Disease
The cannabinoid THC could help prevent "Alzheimer's plaque" buildup in the brain and may directly slow the progression of the disease, according to a study from The Scripps Research Institute.


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