5 Hair-Volumizing Products That Actually Work, According To Photographic Evidence

People with fine hair have their own unique set of hair struggles. Curls and waves fall flat in a matter of minutes, conditioners can weigh down thin strands with goop, and don't even get us started on how hard it is to hold a bobby pin in place. But perhaps the biggest struggle fine-haired ladies have is mastering the thick, voluminous styles that are so popular these days. Beach waves, Chelsea blowouts, teased ponytails–all out of reach if you have fine hair.

Thankfully, thickening sprays and other similar products can help add body to fine hair to help mimic the look of full, thick locks. But there are SO many out there cluttering drugstore shelves. Which ones work best? We asked hair stylists to share their personal favorites–including their very own before and after photos! See the results for yourself:

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