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11 months ago
5 Fun and Useful Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Every year my daughter asks for something specific from Santa but she is most excited to receive the surprise, however small, that will be in her stocking that she so lovingly hangs up near the fireplace.

Usually my husband makes a quick trip to the store to buy something for the stocking. In the past, we have been guilty of buying whatever we find on the dollar section on Target or similar. But that stuff does not get as much use as we would like. So here are some ideas for those in the same boat as us. How to get stocking stuffers that kids will be excited about and also put to good use!

Small Games

Math dice













Card games like UNO, Go Fish, Memory Games or our new favorite Math Dice – ideal for first and second graders learning addition and subtraction.

A Fun Winter Hat

pci credit:

pci credit:

A cozy winter hat is a great stocking stuffer and my daughter actually chooses to wear hers because Santa gave it to her! No more wear your hat battles!

Crayon Rocks

Crayon Rocks








Promote pencil grip with these awesome little crayon rocks –  non-toxic, soy based crayons!

Invisible Ink Pen with UV Light

Invisible Ink pen











Write secret messages with these! This is so cool that even us as parents like to play with it!

Slide Puzzles

Slide Puzzles












These are fun games to take with you when waiting for something, like say in an restaurant, without having to resort to the dreaded phone.

And a Bonus 6th Idea for kids who love to paint their nails! – Piggy Paint

Piggy Paint













Non-toxic nail paint for the little ones from Piggy Paint.

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