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11 months ago
4 ways to stop force-feeding your child

Every parent wants their child to be healthy and strong, this is one reason why they force their child to eat and finish off everything that is on their plate. Parents always have an assumption of how much food their kid should be eating and when. But according to Dr Archana Reddy, Consultant Nutrition & Lactation, Motherhood Hospital, Sahakara Nagar, this notion is wrong and a reason why parents end up to force feed their child. And this force feeding leads to a disassociation with food in kids. Eventually, it’s the opposite, infants and kids are programmed to survive and decide their food intake. They can decide on what, when and how much to eat.

According to Dr Archana Reddy, ‘Parents force feed their kids by putting them under tremendous physical and emotional pressure. They resort to comparing them with other kids, bribing them with sweets or chocolates, feeding them while watching television, rhymes on mobile phones etc. so that the kids’ concentration is shifted, and they eat without making a fuss. All these things are done so that their children grow physically strong and plump. Force feeding is a result of insecurity in parents regarding the size and shape of their children, societal comments regarding their kid’s weight.’ She further says, ‘All these circumstances are leading to unhealthy food habits, obesity and addiction towards TV/videos.’ This is why she urges parents to stop force-feeding kids.

Here she gives few tips to parents to avoid force-feeding:

  • Keep your expectations low: Don’t always expect that baby finishes whatever you serve them. It’s okay when they leave some food.
  • Make mealtime fun time: Make a colourful plate, taste their food & explain to them how yum it is.
  • Offer finger foods: Offer healthy finger foods so that the daily calorie intake is maintained. Kids generally show interest towards finger foods.
  • Small and frequent meals: Kids tummies are tiny, so offer small portions and increase the number of times.

Bottom line: ‘As a parent, it’s natural to feel anxious about your child’s nutrition intake but rest assured children eat food enough to survive and be healthy even without force-feeding,’ says Dr Reddy.

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