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11 months ago
4 Signs You’re Ruining Your Relationship By Being A Controlling Partner!

As most say, while in a healthy relationship, mutual trust and respect between the couple is a thing of utmost importance. However, some of us tend to go a little overboard when it comes to having the upper hand, sometimes, without even realising it, making your bond more about power than about love. More often than not, we even mistake our habit of being controlling with being decisive or just particular about things. But what we fail to understand is that these are two completely different behaviours. When we are decisive, our S.O. may compromise because it's the logical thing to do and they're not being coerced. However, if we're trying to have control over everything, and show that we give a damn about little else but being right, then all we're doing is sabotaging our ties with them. In this case, you're putting yourself into a deep hole, unaware of the damage you are causing, but others are watching too and they soon figure that you're heading towards a break-up. But will you listen to them when they're trying to set you back on a more healthy path?

Being controlling in a relationship can manifest in a number of subtle or obvious ways. All we need to do is to look out for these signs and try our best to avoid it.

Interfering in their friendships

While we're allowed to voice our opinions about who our partner is hanging out with, we shouldn't, in any way be authorised to tell whom they can or cannot meet. This obviously means they're healthier friendships and no, we're not talking about an ex-girlfriend who is trying to win them back. Now, this one's a serious sign to pay attention to because it can lead to fights over trust issues. And once it comes to that, it'll be difficult to save the bond. We can easily stop this habit by keeping us in their place and thinking: "What if he said that to me?" Admit it or not, NO ONE likes being controlled.

The constant need to be in charge

Another sign which can be easily identified, is the need to be in charge all the time. We give them absolutely no chance to air their concerns or have an opinion on things. We need to remember, this is a 50-50 partnership in a way and our partners' contribution should be respected too. If this continues, it may only trigger petty fights, which eventually lead to bigger ones in the future.


Being MEAN

Behaving mean isn't exactly acceptable and something we should learn to control. But, hey, you're human and you're going to nasty and things will get nasty. But this should only happen once in a while because considering it to be okay all the time, is a total NO-NO. Period.

Constantly trying to influence them

This one is a major red flag in one's relationship. If we're constantly interrupting and pushing our thoughts in their conversations, then it's a clear sign that we're trying to control them again. It's as good as listening to one's own voice and opinions from someone else's mouth. In fact, we should encourage our partner to voice their opinions and respect it. That's why you're with them and not dating a clone.

Could you relate to these signs of a controlling person? If yes, then it's time you improve your behaviour and save your relationship with your love.

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