4 Elegant Up do’s for Long Hair

4 Elegant Updo’s for Long Hair

The girls who having long hairs and they feel uncomfortable, trouble to carry long hair. No need to worry about your hair.
Here are few option for your hairs updos which can help you in keeping your hair style look smart without fuss -

1. Low Braided Bun: In this low braided bun, your hair can convert into a low ponytail. Firstly you should separate your hair into two parts and fold them tightly then wrap the twisted pony tightly. Use the
boby pins for clipping the hair.

2. Half-Up Double Pony: Take some hair from the top of the head and divide into two parts, you can use clips for clipping rest hair. Then take a section from back ear to ear around the back of the head and clip it at top of head. Leave rest of the hair open.

3. Hair Croissant: This is a high ponytail. You should flip your head and in the front, the head should be down so that ponytail gets the highest point of the head. Ponytail should be in the center and should
neat the outside portion of the ponytail firstly visible to the eye. Then pull out from the corner and give your hair an half moon shape.

4. Back-Ended Braid: Once you finish your braid at the top of the head, continue for half braid after finished band hair with the elastic band and when the braid is complete then roll it onto itself. In the end wrapping braid into a bun and for
bun, you should use the bobby pins to control your hair.

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