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11 months ago
3 simple steps to a delayed orgasm

Did you know that it’s not just men who can delay their orgasms? Women, too, are capable of it with some patience and practice. Follow these three simple steps to achieve an orgasm that will totally knock your socks off.


Tease yourself

Touch yourself anywhere but down there. Play with your breasts, trace a line along the inside of your thighs, use ice cubes to intensify the sensations, the works. The idea is to stimulate your entire body, so that you’re good and ready to tingle throughout when you cross the finish line.

Slow and steady

When you think that you’ve teased yourself enough, let your fingers roam downtown. Keep your pace slow and sensual, and keep stimulating other parts of your body at the same time. Whenever you feel like you’re teetering on the edge, hit pause.

And switch!

The point is to not let yourself orgasm. So after you’ve hit pause, change the rhythm and continue pleasuring yourself. Make sure to not pause for a long time; you want to slow down your orgasm, but still want to be aroused. Pause and play for as long as possible until you absolutely can’t hold back. Thank us later!

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