23 Beauty Things That Confuse The Hell Out of Guys

1. Let's be real: most men don't know a n y t h i n g about makeup.

2. Casual beauty product names are basically a foreign language to them.

3. Their night routine is washing their face with water. They know nothing else.

4. Even if they mean well, they'll mess up your look.

Oh my god who can relate ?! ????????

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5. Truly, they somehow don't realize that makeup rubs off.

6. And their white tee will suffer.

7. Living together will really enlighten them.

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8. They have no idea how rough the makeup life can be.

9. Or just how much money is in one face of makeup.

10. They won't notice the berry lip stain you dabbed on.

11. Which makes it easy for them to misunderstand that date night is an effort.

12. And that rushing one through their routine is a mistake.

13. Seriously, this is not allowed.

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14. You'll have to explain SO MUCH to a boy.

15. Especially when it comes to Sephora.

16. Because he just won't get why you got two slightly different coral hues.

17. Which proves that makeup is never worn FOR men.

18. Their ignorance of the artistry before them makes all their opinions worthless.

19. Makeup to them = smoky eye and red lips. Everything else is not makeup.

20. And if they complain, you can always call out their facial hair.

21. But a real man can handle your most complex cat eye.

22. He'll understand the monetary investment you've made in finding the right foundation.

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23. And he'll learn to appreciate your creative process.

take notes boys

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