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13 Great Gifts to Stock Up on So You Never Get Stuck Without One

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We've all experienced the moment when someone hands you a beautifully wrapped, caringly considered holiday gift—and you have nothing to give him or her in return. It's...well... mortifying. Stock up on these 13 beautiful and thoughtful gifts from (our parent company's e-commerce site) so that you're never empty-handed again. Between their fabulousness and their $40-or-less price tag, if you have any presents left over at the end of the season, you definitely won't mind.

Note: The items in this slideshow can't be guaranteed to be available after publication.

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Cookies in a Jar

This super-cute and perfectly proportioned cookie mix—which comes in Oatmeal Cranberry Walnut and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Pecan—makes a dozen treats and is handmade in Nantucket.

Organic Vegan Cookie Mix, $26,

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Handcrafted Soaps

A beautifully packaged trio of organic soaps in grapefruit mint; lavender lemon; and tangerine, basil, and poppy Seed? Ahhhh.

Organic Soap Gift Trio, $27,

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French Rolling Pin

Your giftee will feel great about baking with this tool, which French pastry chefs use for pies and tarts; it's crafted from wood sourced from a mill certified to protect wildlife habitats.

Beech Wood French Rolling Pin, $14,

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Handcrafted Honey

Velvety texture. Made on Crete Island in Greece. Need we say more?

Organic Thyme Honey, $39,

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Facial Kit

You can basically feel the detox happening just from looking at this gorgeous set of handmade clays and herbs.

Facial Detox Steam and Mask Kit, $25,

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Metallic Change Purse

It looks so festive! And it's made from recycled leather, so it puts your heart in the holiday spirit, too.

Gleaming Leather Change Purse in bright gold, $28,

8/14 ,
Dried Lavender Flowers

Holidays are stressful; lavender is relaxing. Gift some that's organically grown, traditionally harvested, and adorably bottled.

Organic Lavender Buds, $18,

9/14 ,
Striped Neck Warmer

Fun fact: This sporty infinity scarf is made with sustainably farmed merino wool from New Zealand.

Flexi Chute Neck Warmer, $25,

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Wood Cake Stand

Cake stand...or conversation starter? Both. This almost-too-pretty-to-top platter is carved from mango trees that are no longer producing fruit—and each tree that's cut down is replaced.

Mango Wood Raised Serving Cake Stand, $40,

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Attention-Grabbing Earrings

They may be small, but they sure make a statement—these handmade studs are crafted with vintage brass and reclaimed rhinestones.

Sparkling Rhinestone Studs, $26,

12/14 ,
Pastry Cutters

'Tis the season for baking, so gift your foodie friend stainless steel tools that'll be a big help with her biscuit and linzer tart creations.

Pastry Cutters, set of four for $12,

13/14 ,
Pumpkin Shower Scrub

Your giftee will smell like pumpkin spice all season long thanks to this all-natural scrub.

Organic Pumpkin Body Scrub, $28,

14/14 ,
Herb Rack

This hand-forged steel rack has six hooks and is about as handsome as this piece of kitchen equipment can get.

Herb Drying Rack, $24,

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