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13 Celebs Who Are Younger Than You Think

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Celebrities have access to all sorts of beauty secrets that allow many of them to seemingly stop aging. But on the flip side, there are some stars who simply have wisdom and sophistication way beyond their years. Check out this list of 13 celebs under 30 that will totally surprise you.

2/14 ,
Lorde, 18

She may be one of Taylor Swift's BFFs, but with her rich pipes and level-headedness, we would have never guessed she's barely old enough to vote.

3/14 ,
Adele, 26

Close your eyes while listening to Adele's powerfully soulful voice—you're not picturing someone in her twenties, are you? We didn't think so.

4/14 ,
Jordin Sparks, 24

It could be that we remember rooting for her on American Idol all the way back in 2007 (she was just 17 then!), or the totally mature way she carries herself, but Jordin definitely seems older than 24.

5/14 ,
Miley Cyrus, 22

Miley definitely acts like she's in her early twenties. That said, the fact that we’ve watched her evolve from Hannah Montana to real-life pop superstar makes it feel like she’s been around forever.

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6/14 ,
Liam Hemsworth, 24

Speaking of Miley... Former squeeze Liam Hemsworth has been sporting a grown man's beard lately, looking more and more like older brother (and Sexiest Man Alive) Chris.

7/14 ,
Kate Upton, 22

Not only is she a major bombshell, her impressive modeling (and now acting) resume makes it hard to remember she's only 22.

8/14 ,
Lebron James, 29

Lebron was still a teenager during his 2003 rookie season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, so it's no wonder we would have bet the two-time NBA champion—who's now been playing pro ball for over a decade—was over 30.

9/14 ,
Margot Robbie, 24

Leo's love interest in The Wolf of Wall Street is full of old Hollywood glamour—of course she seems crazy sophisticated for her age.

10/14 ,
Shailene Woodley, 23

It could be the totally candid way Shailene has of expressing herself that makes her seem more mature than her 23 years. It could also be her no-nonsense pixie cut.

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11/14 ,
Lady Gaga, 28

We've seen more heavily made up looks from the pop star chameleon than she's seen years on earth.

12/14 ,
Hayden Panettiere, 25

Adorable new mom Hayden is only 25, but her long career and chic style make her seem a bit older.

13/14 ,
Jennifer Lawrence, 24

JLaw played the role of a suburban housewife so convincingly in American Hustle that we almost forgot she's the same girl who plays Katniss. Age is totally just a number.

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14/14 ,
Blue Ivy, 2

Bey's baby girl is growing so fast...a little too fast, if you ask us!

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