13 Adorable, Sweet, Unbelievably Romantic Engagement Stories

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If every single season finale of The Bachelor/Bachelorette gives you butterflies, just wait until you read these 13 real-life engagement stories. Warning: Goosebumps, awws, and warm, fuzzy feelings ahead!

engagement photos
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When In Venice

"After almost two years of dating, my husband took me to Italy in September 2012. We were on a tour group in Venice, when he asked the tour operator if we could book a gondola apart from the group. I thought it was really strange and romantic. While we were on the gondola, we passed the Bridge of Sighs, and he told me how much he loved me—then he asked me to marry him! He was so nervous he forgot to show me the ring. He fumbled through his pocket and asked me again. The rest of the tour group met us with a round of applause when our gondola returned. Apparently they knew! It was so romantic. It was the first time he saw me cry." —Jacqueline Rivera

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Picture-Perfect Proposal

"My boyfriend of eight years took me to the Morris Arboretum in Pennsylvania for a fake engagement shoot. I know a photographer, and about eight months ago, we got asked to do a mock engagement shoot for his portfolio. Well, fast forward: We were getting asked again by one of the new photographers who joined the team. I thought nothing of it—just that we were helping out our friendly photographer build his portfolio. After a couple of regular pictures, my boyfriend got down on one knee and proposed—right then I realized it was all planned. We were able to not only get it on camera but we got our engagement photos at the same time. I had no idea." —Alexandra Beisel

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High School Sweethearts

"We met in high school in art class. He was a year ahead of me and kind of a ‘bad boy.’ But we fell in love and became best friends! After his senior year, he joined the U.S. Air Force. I was devastated to see him go. The six weeks of basic training were rough—we wrote each other every day (I still have all the letters stowed away). I spent my savings on a plain ticket to see him graduate and flew from our hometown in Idaho at 18 years old to Texas. It was my first adventure alone! I remember being terrified, but it was worth it! I checked in the hotel and grabbed a taxi to the base, with all the necessary paperwork in tow. I was so proud of my airman! The graduation ceremony was beautiful, but I was anxious to finally see him. As soon as the ceremony ended, I fought with the thousands of viewers to reach my airman. His entire flight was waiting. I finally caught sight of him and ran! He bent down on one knee—in front of the entire audience—and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I said yes! And now, 10 years later—with two lovely little girls and several pets later—we are still best friends and madly in love." —Shannon Clave

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The Magic Box

"After almost seven years of dating, my now-husband proposed to me on Mother's Day. He and my son spent the day together before gathering all of the items they needed while I was at a spa day. On Mother's Day, they handed me a large box. Inside the box was a card from my boyfriend that talked about his 'wife.' There was also a card from my son that said 'P.S. I have the key.' After many boxes, I finally got to an iPhone case with a lock and chain around it. I had to beg my son for the key (I was super excited to get a new phone!). When he finally gave me it, I opened the box, and there was a ring box in it. My boyfriend got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! When we got married, the lock and key were attached to my bouquet." —Cindy McDaniel-Megaw

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Surprise, Surprise

"My fiancé and I were in a long-distance relationship—he was living in Nashville and I was living in New York City. He was supposed to visit me in a few weeks and was supposedly hanging out with his friends in Nashville while I was going to go get brunch with my friend at the Boathouse. My friend and I were walking through Central Park and over the Bow Bridge—there were lots of rowboats on the lake and an acoustic guitarist. It was all very romantic, and I even suggested to my friend that my boyfriend and I should go to this spot when he visited next! Then I heard someone call out my name, and I turned around. I was so confused and surprised to see my boyfriend standing there! He got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him—I have never been so surprised or happy in my entire life! It seemed like a blur and as cliché as it sounds, I don't remember anyone or anything around me—it was like we were the only two people on the bridge. He and my friend had been planning this the whole time, fake brunch date and all." —Amy Mittenzwel

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Happy Trails

"My husband and I met online. I dragged it out to make sure he wasn't just after getting laid before I consented to meeting. We met and started dating. We moved in together after two months. We went on a camping trip and planned to hike a trail the next day before leaving. We went exploring on our own with the kids and got so sore and blistered we didn't make that trail hike to the top and just went home instead. Two weeks later, I called him after class one night, and he says he's been throwing up and has a terrible migraine. I rushed home and walked into the bedroom where he was on his knees beside the bed resting his head on the bed. I go up to him, hug him, and try to comfort him. He grabs my hand and says, 'will you marry me?' I slapped him and called him some bad names—he shocked the hell out of me! I definitely did not expect it. He told me he had been planning on asking at the top of our hike, but since we never made it, he had to plan something different. We got married on the day we first met, exactly a year later. We have been together for four years now and are extremely happy!" —Machelle Larson

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So Fetch

"My husband took me to the aquarium bright and early. I thought we were just going to go there for fun because he knew I had wanted to go for a long time. We got there at 8 a.m., and I found out that he got us in to where we could play with the dolphins and make them do back flips and make their funny noises. My dolphin was named Chesapeake, and they sent Chesapeake across the pool area to get a buoy. When he was swimming back, I saw that there was writing on it that said 'will you marry me, Jessica?' I froze—they had it on the big screen so the audience saw it. I started balling, and then the trainer said, 'you should probably give him an answer,' so I said, 'yes!' Then it was time to share the news, and since it was April Fool's, nobody believed me." —Jessica Burnham

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Home Sweet Home

"He took me back to our old houses where we met in middle school as neighbors, and said, 'This is the spot I fell in love with you, and the spot I want to ask you to be my wife.' It was so sweet and perfect." —Jessie Mullins

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Star-Cross(word) Lovers

"After being together for more than 10 years, my husband wanted to make sure our engagement story was one we could share for a lifetime, and it is almost too good for words. I'm a big nerd who loves to do the daily crossword puzzle in the newspaper. One day my co-workers were really excited to show me the 'new' puzzle they had found in the paper. My guy had created his own crossword puzzle, arranged to have it put in the paper, and used my sneaky co-workers to make sure I saw it. It contained clues all about us—our lives together and love. The star of the puzzle was 'The Big Question.' I had figured out what the puzzle was right away, but everyone made me continue to solve the clues until he appeared around the corner and got down on one knee!" —Ashleigh Arndorfer

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Time Travel

"I had a very long day at work and I was beyond tired. I pulled in the driveway and walked to the door, just like any other day. But once I open the door I was rejuvenated with energy at the sight of candles lining the stairs. Above the candles was a string of hanging pictures and quotes. I couldn't wrap my head around what was happening. 'Is this really happening to us,' I thought as I continued on from picture to picture, quote to quote. They were in chronological order, from the first picture we ever took together and throughout the three and a half years we had been dating. I was holding back tears looking for him, and he was nowhere to be found. The string led me from the staircase, through the hallway, and strung across our entire living room. At the end of this string, and at the last quote (which read 'when two hearts become one'), there was a bouquet of the most beautiful roses I can ever remember. With so many emotions clouding my mind I began to cry. He came around the corner and picked out the silver rose in the bouquet, got down on one knee and proposed. I dropped to my knees and hugged him, both of us crying tears of joy. Best. Day. Ever!" —Breanne Gorman

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Proposal Panic Attack

"My husband proposed to me on the top of the lighthouse on St. Simons Island in Georgia. My son was 13 years old at the time, and he and my husband planned the proposal. We had vacationed the month before on the island and had gone to the top of the lighthouse then, so I almost didn't go up a month later when he actually proposed. When we got to the top and were looking out to the beautiful ocean, I looked around, and my son was missing. About that time, Martin dropped down to one knee and asked me to marry him. The flooring of the lighthouse is open, so all I could think was 'if he drops that ring we will never find it'. So instead of saying yes immediately, I yelled, 'Don't drop it.' However, I must have said yes because everyone at the top with us began clapping! Later at dinner I asked him if I had actually said yes. We were married four months later on the island and named our adopted son Simon for the island!" —Kim Hackney West

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Great View

"My boyfriend and I went to Outer Banks, North Carolina, for his family vacation.  This is the same place the previous year he told me he loved me for the first time.  This is also where we realized we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. It was the second night of our vacation when he asked to take me out to dinner. We ate at a beautiful restaurant where you could watch the sunset. Afterward, he took me back to the house and up to the third story balcony. There, overlooking the out back area, I saw his proposal. Written on the ground in paint, encircled by a candlelit heart were the words, 'will you marry me?' I immediately started crying. He then asked me, and I of course said yes." —Ashley Mawhinney


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Aca-Marry Me?

"In college I was in an all-female acapella group called (this was way before Pitch Perfect AND we were called the Bellas!) We had a concert coming up, and everyone in my family was coming, even friends and their parents! I thought that everyone was just really excited to see my amazing group perform, but they were coming for a different reason. Toward the end of the concert, one of my best friends in the group had the microphone and asked my husband up on the stage! At that moment I knew what was happening! He talked and talked and talked with sweet words and stories. I was so excited and nervous that I even motioned for him to get on with the proposal and everyone laughed. He got down on one knee and proposed to me in front of the whole audience at the concert! Everyone cheered, and then I had to perform after that, but I don't think I sang a word! We even had a reception line at the end for everyone—even people we didn't know—to congratulate us. I was so proud and impressed by my husband’s planning and courage to do that in front of everyone to show just how much he loves me!" —Karen Capen

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