11 Men Share the Biggest Secrets They Keep from Their Partners

There are probably things your partner doesn’t know about you. Don't try to deny it; pretty much everyone has secrets.

But did you ever stop to wonder what your guy is hiding from you? Because we know you're curious, we asked 11 guys—some of whom have been with their partners for years—what they've kept locked away. 

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relationship secrets men keep
1/11 Alyssa Zolna

"When I first started dating my girlfriend, my friends really, really didn’t like her. They thought she was annoying. And this wasn’t, like, one or two of my friends. It was a pretty universal opinion. I think what happened was she was trying too hard around them and not really being herself at first, because once she got acclimated and spent more time around them, she grew on them. Most of them are cool with her now. But yeah, I’ve never told her they didn’t used to like her, and I don’t see any reason to, to be honest." —Kyle R.

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relationship secrets men keep
2/11 Alyssa Zolna

"The night I first met my girlfriend in real life (we met through a dating app), she was my second date of the night. I’ve kept that to myself. I feel like I should tell her, but I also really, really don’t want to." —Joel B.

relationship secrets men keep
3/11 Alyssa Zolna

"There have been lots of times when I’ve gone to my mom to talk about something instead of to my wife. I don’t tell her this, because I’m sure it will hurt her. She thinks I’m the first person I come to with everything." —Erick H.

relationship secrets men keep
4/11 Alyssa Zolna

"My wife is not a good cook. We’ve been together 12 years and I’ve never told her that, not once, because just because it’s not great doesn’t mean it’s not edible. I’ve definitely had worse. And if someone is going to go out of his or her way to make a meal and share it with you, it just seems kind of douchey to complain. I think she might think it’s strange that I volunteer to do so much of the cooking, or that she thinks I like cooking more than I really do. There’s also a good chance that my food is horrible, and we’re both eating stuff we don’t really like to spare one another’s feelings. That’s kind of cute in a weird way, right? Maybe?" —Andrew C.

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relationship secrets men keep
5/11 Alyssa Zolna

"I cheated on the last woman I was with before meeting my girlfriend. The ex never found out that was why I ended things—that I felt guilty about the cheating—and my current girlfriend doesn’t know about it either, even though we claim to tell each other everything. I don’t want her to think that I would ever cheat on her, or that she can’t trust me." —Shane H.

relationship secrets men keep
6/11 Alyssa Zolna

"I’ll never tell my fianceé the number of girls I’ve slept with. She hasn’t asked yet, but I’m worried that she will before we get married. I don’t know if I’d avoid answering, or lie, or what, but I don’t want her to know the number. It’s…above average, and when I was piling up those numbers, I didn’t spend much time thinking about maybe meeting someone someday who would be the only person I’d want to sleep with from there on out." —Shawn F.

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relationship secrets men keep
7/11 Alyssa Zolna

"I keep an INCH bag. That stands for 'I’m Never Coming Home.' It’s a thing. Look it up. It has money and all kinds of stuff I’d need to survive for a while if I had to up and leave my home and never return to it. My wife does not know about this, and there’s no reason for her to [know]. I also acknowledge there’s no reason for me to keep one up in our attic, but I do. I’m not going to tell her about it because I don’t think she’d react well to my being prepared to leave and never return, even though I assume I’d only have to use it on my own if she had died in a zombie attack or something." —Christopher M.

relationship secrets men keep
8/11 Alyssa Zolna

"I make this big deal about going on guy weekends and doing stuff with the guys, but I secretly miss my girlfriend very much if I don’t see her for a few days. It’s kind of pathetic." —Seth D.

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relationship secrets men keep
9/11 Alyssa Zolna

"I cheated on my girlfriend one time when I was drunk. I haven’t told her, and there’s no way she would ever find out unless I did. I know, I’m a terrible human being." —Owen G.

relationship secrets men keep
10/11 Alyssa Zolna

"I tell my lifelong best friend everything, even things my wife doesn’t know. My wife does not know that another person in this world knows things about me that she doesn’t, and I think she’d be jealous if she found out, but I think it’s necessary to have someone like him to confide in. Especially because a lot of the things we talk about have to do with my wife." —Ethan P.

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relationship secrets men keep
11/11 Alyssa Zolna

"I’m still not completely over my ex and I’m not sure if I ever will be." —Henry M.

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