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11 months ago
11 Gifts That Are as Functional as They Are Fashionable

The problem with a lot of the best and most cutting-edge gear that comes out every year is that it’s all often too technical looking. Don the newest rain shell or puffy jacket and you’ll look like you’re getting ready to scale Mount Everest or head out on a long backpacking trip to the Smokies. Slip on some hiking boots to brave the snowy slush of the city streets and any style cred you’ve already built up with the urban crowd will wither away like summer leaves in autumn.

But recently advancements in textiles and material science, and a willingness from forward-thinking designers to remake technical gear that functions in the real world into fashionable pieces, has turned out a bunch of functional and fashionable gear that can rock any industry party while still keeping you dry from a sudden downpour on your way out. Or they can take you straight from your downtown office to closest backwoods getaway without having to change into gear that’s solely dedicated to braving outdoor adventures.

Take a look at our top choices for the best and brightest in the clothes and gear that will be as fashionable and functional as needed, no matter the situation.

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