10 beauty products every woman in her 30s must have

Even though 30 is the new 20 or you could be 16 at heart, the body needs to be pampered so that it matches with your energy. Ageing always shows on your skin and if you don’t follow a good skincare routine post 30, it won’t matter if you feel 16. So here are 10 essentials every girl must have in her in her 30s to look and feel her age:

  1. Body scrub: Your body needs some pampering at least once a week. A good body scrub will not only get rid of the dead skin but will bring back the glow.
  2. Body butter: After getting rid of the dead skin, your body needs good moisturisation too. Apply body butter liberally on your entire body and not just your legs and arms. Have you tried The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter yet?
  3. Eye cream: Crows feet, dark circles, under-eye bags all start showing up once you cross the 30’s mark. Keeping a good eye cream handy and applying it regularly can help soften fine lines. Check for creams that contain peptides.
  4. Night cream: This is one product that will rejuvenate your skin without much effort. Even if you don’t get enough time in the morning to follow the skincare regime, applying a good night cream regularly will keep your skin looking young and fresh.
  5. Make-up remover: You cannot do without a good makeup remover. Using just soap and water to get rid of your makeup is going to damage your skin and steal away its natural moisture. A gentle makeup remover is a must-have. The Lakme Absolute Bi-phased Makeup Remover is my favourite. Which one is yours?
  6. Sunscreen: Invest in a good sunscreen that keeps you away from pigmentation and dark spots plus wrinkles. Choose a product that provides both UVA and UVB protection. Here are some tips to choose the best sunscreen.
  7. Hair mask: While eating good food is a must if you want your tresses to be healthy and strong, you will also need some external treatment for your hair to repair the damage caused by pollution and hair treatments. Applying a hair mask for deep conditioning once a week is a great way to pamper your tresses.
  8. Concealer: A good concealer with moisturising properties is another beauty product you must invest in. You’ll need it to hide a few dark spots or pigmentation marks. Read: 5 latest concealers that will give you flawless coverage.
  9. Primer: This one is a personal suggestion. Invest in a good primer instead of a foundation for daily wear. It smoothes the skin perfectly and does not run or get messy even during summers.
  10. Good lipsticks: While the latest colours look suave and you can’t wait to wear them but ensure that your lipsticks contain natural oils or butter to keep your lips healthy and plump.

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