10 Unique Gift Ideas for Her



Unique gift ideas for her

Looking for a remarkable gift for a one-of-a-kind woman? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking to surprise your girlfriend, your mom, your sister or a close friend, you can show them how much you appreciate them with something special. To help you choose the perfect gift and put a smile on the face of that special someone, we’ve made a list of 10 unique ideas. Of course, the possibilities are endless, so think about something meaningful for the women in your life, but remember that some classic gifts, such as beautiful tableware or dinner sets, are always a good choice.

1. Kettle


If the woman in your life loves to spend money at expensive coffee shops, she might love to have a pour-over kettle of her own. Try picking up a gooseneck kettle with beautiful lines and finish. It will look great on the stove and make for an interesting addition to her kitchen. It would be a good idea to look for a counterbalanced handle that would also provide a precise pour that flows at an even steady pace.

Try picking up a gooseneck kettle with beautiful lines and finish

2. Designer dinnerware


Women love decorating their home in style. Pick up a designer dinnerware which will be the perfect accessory to any table. Help your special someone truly become the talk of the town at her next gathering with her girlfriends at home.

3. Mini hair straightener


The ideal addition to every handbag – a cute and miniature hair straightener, which still gets the job done. Every girl knows that it’s always useful to be able to take her favorite hair styling tool with her everywhere she goes.

4. Candles


Women love candles, especially scented once. Candles warm-up space and make it feel cosy and more like home. Also, they can help her relax after a long day at work. Mostly, everyone’s a  big fan of quality candles that look and smell divine.

Women love candles, especially scented once

5. Potted Succulents


With no drain holes, the handmade planter is perfect for plants that require little to no water, such as cacti. You can tuck in a few before gifting it, so she can immediately display the succulents.

Handmade planter is perfect for plants that require little to no water, such as cacti

6. Flashy lightbox


With several letters and symbols, she can display any message she likes or expresses a current mood on this light up box. A little hint here – you can choose to power it via batteries or a power adapter.

7. Sleeping mask


People say sleep is king. It keeps us feeling healthy and happy. Provide her with a solution for a good sleep and a temporary refuge from the stresses of everyday life with a comfy sleeping mask.

8. Coloring book


Adult coloring books are a huge trend right now. In addition to being a creative outlet, coloring has also been linked to some nice health benefits like reduced anxiety. This fun coloring book is filled with images of tasty food, which all women love. The images inside are printed on perforated pages for easy removal and display.

9. Wine cooler


If she is a huge wine lover this wine cooler is the perfect gift idea. An elegant option for women searching for a sophisticated way to store their favorite wine

If she is a huge wine lover this wine cooler is the perfect gift idea

10. Tile


Literally – one of the best gifts ever. This little tracking device allows her to keep tabs on exactly where her wallet, keys or other important personal items are. Tile works by syncing with a mobile app on your phone, which can locate items when they’re missing.


We hope that you`ve found these suggestions helpful and maybe even got some gift ideas for other occasions. The key is to think about the things your favorite women like and put your heart into it. At the end of the day, a thoughtful surprise, filled with love can make any woman smile.


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