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10 Gifts for Animal Lovers

1/11 ,

Cat ladies, dog lovers, or pet coveters: Spoil them all (and their furry friends) this holiday season with these 10 animal-themed gifts. 

Note: The items in this slideshow can't be guaranteed to be available after publication.

2/11 ,
Cozy Dog Bed

Traveling with a pup just got luxurious with this customizable sheep's wool bed.   

Sleepy Travel Dog Bed, $145,

3/11 ,
Kitty Dishtowel

Help her show off her cat mania throughout the house—starting with the kitchen.

Cat Commands Dishtowel, $18,

4/11 ,
Doggy Bookends

Dog lovers or bibliophiles: Both will love this obedient pooch holding their books in place.

Dachshund Bookends, $48,

5/11 ,
Watercolor Coasters

Sure, these coasters will protect surfaces around the house—but they'll also look doggone delightful as decorative pieces. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Puppy Porcelain Coasters Set, $48,

6/11 ,
Food and Water Bowls

Whimsical, cute, and durable indoors or out = the perfect pet bowls.

Dixon Cat Bowl, $9.95,; Dixon Dog Bowl, $14.95,

7/11 ,
Pet Toy Bin

The neutral color and subtle texture of this basket will blend into any room and provide much-needed organization.

Pet Hemp Toy Bin, $40,

8/11 ,
Cat Tumblers

Made by the writer of "How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity," these tumblers are an excellent choice for any meme-savvy pet lover.

Video Kitty Tumblers, $35 for a set of four,

9/11 ,
Kitty Bling

Hand-finished with a vintage feel? Love.

Bonbi Forest Sparkle Cat Face Locket, $32,

10/11 ,
Dog Emergency Kit

This kit has must-haves for both dog and owner: two ear wipes, two eye wipes, two rolls of 15 waste bags, two dental wipes, two hand-cleaning towelettes, and a collapsible water bowl.

Minimergency Kit for Dogs, $16,

11/11 ,
Kitty-Cat Yoga Mat

If she strikes a pose on this, she'll be the most envied girl in Bikram class. Me-ow.

Grey Area @earlboykins Yoga Mat, $80,

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